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Tears of Joy with a Fake Ultrasound Toy


Planning for that perfect prank or arranging for a gag oftentimes gets tedious. Of course, we won't mind preparing for something that will allow us to have fun afterwards, but it's definitely a sweet icing on the cake to be able to enjoy an effortless prank that is so effective, convenient and affordable!

Fake ultrasounds are controversial and totally intriguing prank items, but did you know that it is an awesome prank item that evokes so much fun and laughter once used for entertainment purposes only? If you simply want to stimulate endless fun and limitless laughter, a fake ultrasound prank is an excellent gag choice. The success rate of your prank will be undeniably high because of the fact that a fake ultrasound — that is of high, exceptional quality — is very convincing. Pregnancy is normal and these days, when a woman announces that she is pregnant or when a couple reveals that they are expecting, no one doubts the genuineness of it. Everyone celebrates the news and congratulates them... and that's where the fun lies!

The fake ultrasounds from FakeABaby are so legitimate-looking, everyone seeing it will be convinced that it's the real thing. The fake 2D ultrasounds look like the timeless ultrasounds that your mom, big sis or aunt has shown you before. The fake 3D ultrasounds are ultra modern-looking and may look exactly like the one that your preggy friend has posted on Facebook! And the best part is that you can add a more realistic touch to it by personalizing it. How? By adding your name, the baby's details, hospital and doctor's name, and other information that you would like to appear on your 'very own' fake ultrasound. Truly amazing!

The wide array of personalized fake 2D ultrasounds and fake 3D ultrasounds can be used for an amusing prank, ready to uplift a dreary, regular day and all set to add a touch of fun and excitement to an occasion or holiday.

There are 12 versions to choose from and more than 20 gender options to choose from. Wow! Just marvelous!

So what are you waiting for? Order a Personalized Fake Ultrasound now and enjoy your day with a classy and funny prank!

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