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Funny Fake Medicine Gag Gifts


Image Source: Vera Kratochvil via PublicDomainPictures.net under the CC0 Public Domain license.

Speaking of pranks, who doesn't want an easy, funny and a 100% foolproof prank anyway? If we are a smart prankster, we would certainly opt for simple gags that require minimal preparation but will leave a lasting impression on the gagging victim and an absolutely hysterical and priceless time for everyone involved!

Picking the right prank can become overpowering at times. There are heaps of options to choose from and there's a possibility that we may overlook the perfect prank that we have been looking for all along. This time, FakeABaby's Personalized Prescriptions got you covered on the most intense Fake Medicine Prank!

You do not need to spend so many hours doing your research. Browsing and researching through thousands of prank ideas and trickery options that will leave you feeling dazed or lost are not necessary. Spare yourself from all the expensive costs that are expected to be involved in a highly convoluted prank, and from the sweat in completing an elaborate gag setup!

We are lucky to have Fake a Baby now! Fake a Baby offers a wide array of gag gifts and prank items, and the Personalized Fake Medicine is created to help you actualize your pranking ideas or give you brilliant gift options! With the Personalized Fake Medicine, you can order a fake medication label for any crazy and outrageous ailment that you have in mind!

Just provide the patient's name, the fake name of the drug, the doctor's name, date and address on prescription, the dosage and for what embarrassing or wacky illness that the drug is intended for. Also browse through the "Options" and soon you will find yourself laughing for hours! Hear your family, friends and colleagues praising your prank and commenting how funny it is!

Pull off a Personalized Fake Medicine Prank NOW!!!

Boost Your Butt Size Instantly!

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From Drab to Fab

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Goofing Around with a Fake Ultrasound

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Try This First Before Getting a Boob Job!

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How to Pick the Best Prank

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Preggy on April Fools Day Only

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