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Crush the Monotony!


It's about time to kill the monotony at work! It's the best moment to be bold and daring. And it's the perfect time to carry out a hilarious prank from Fake a Baby's ingenious collection, especially with its fake sonogram video!

Fake a Baby takes pride in its superfluity of gag gifts that are set to impress and make everyone laugh. And it is ultimately proud of its one-of-a-kind prank item that is gaining lots of popularity - the Fake a Baby Fake Sonogram Videos!

A fake ultrasound and fake sonogram joke is a favorite activity by both noob and expert pranksters. It has also become a well-liked gag gift seen on bachelorette parties, combined with wicked gag gifts and naughty adult items. It's true, a fake ultrasound used for entertainment purposes only is extremely funny, incredibly entertaining, not to mention unique. So what more if we are talking about a fake ultrasound video? Be prepared for heaps of tehees!

Ultrasound and sonogram videos are generally seen on TV. Real pregnancies and pranks alike amuse us. Even Jimmy Kimmel has pulled off a remarkable prank towards his Aunt Chippy with a dancing baby inside the womb, on a fake ultrasound. So if you want to be both inspired and entertained, then choosing the Fake a Baby Fake Sonogram Video prank for your next spoof is without a doubt a remarkable idea!

Choose from three color styles and select if you want the DVD type, email type or both. Then begin personalizing it by providing the patient's name, physician or nurse's name, clinic or facility's name, date the ultrasound was taken, patient's number, gender of fetus, and input any other hilarious note on the "Comments" box if you want Fake a Baby to take note of any other details.

Play it on your laptop or smartphone and start rendering your victims speechless! You'll be amazed by how convincing and brilliant this fake sonogram video is – only from Fake a Baby

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