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Get Pranky and Be Happy!


Each one of us has a certain source of happiness, and a specific concept of joy. Our definitions of bliss, satisfaction and glee do vary, but the desire to be happy and contented is universal. That's why if your friend confesses a crazy plan to pull off something foolish and wacky — as long as no one will be harmed — then you should not judge her and just support her all the way!

Have you ever thought of pulling off a prank that is so easy yet so fun that you just want to accomplish it right then and there? As women, our creativity and imagination abound; and oftentimes our ideas that pertain to naughtiness and mischief overflow too!

If you are planning to goof around, shock your mom and dad, stun your siblings, flabbergast your dear SO, or make your friends and followers online so surprised and so perplexed, then why not pull off a fake pregnancy prank?

If using a fake pregnancy test or a fake ultrasound is not your cup of tea, a Fake Pregnancy Belly prank is equally fun, satisfying and exhilarating! Let your ‘get pregnant' fantasies come alive and be amused as you sport a belly that looks and feels totally real. No one will notice that you are wearing a fake baby bump, that's a promise!

You'll be hooked exploring the vast collection of Fake a Baby's fake pregnant bellies — fabric or silicone, nude or chocolate-colored, small or twin-size — there's gonna be a perfect pregnant belly that will suit the look, getup and plan that you have in mind!

Remember the time when you stuff your shirt with something that will make you look pregnant? Now is the perfect moment to fulfill that inner longing without looking cheap and tacky, and without suffering from an epic fail prank. With the amazing fake pregnancy bellies and fake baby bumps from Fake a Baby, you are guaranteed of only the best, most convincing and first-rate fake pregnant belly, bound to make you absolutely happy!

Get to attain the perfect lulz for you and those around you! Spread cheerfulness and delight by having a prank that's purely for entertainment purposes only.

Browse through the exciting fake pregnant bellies here: Fake a Baby Fake Pregnant Belly Collection

Playful Fake Pregnancy Tests

Naughtiness, mischief and wickedness are on!Infinity is perhaps a suitable word to describe the extent and possibilities for the pranking ideas and funny gag concepts using the prank items from FakeABaby! We are truly grateful for our fabulous, sexy, naughty (and sometimes raunchy!) customers who have made us the leading provider of the best and the sexiest gag gifts [...]

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The Best Fake Ultrasound Video Prank

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Sad With the Size of Your Derrière?

Our collection of fake boobies and fake booty proves to be a fashionista and glam girl favorite. So if you want to look fab, sexy and absolutely hot, instantaneously, then come on! Hop on and join the fun in enhancing the way you look and in increasing our confidence—and sexiness with our fake a baby fake booty!Fake a Baby [...]

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How to Have Fantastic Fake Pregnancy Papers

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Fabulous Fake Pregnant Bellies

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Our Premium Fake Ultrasound Collection

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Wow! A Fake Birth Announcement!

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Tips To Avoid a Prank Fail

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Sweet Pregnancy at 60

Faking a pregnancy... Many people frown upon it - and many people love it—if, AND ONLY IF, it is a fake pregnancy prank pulled off for fun and for entertainment purposes only!Remember the time when our favorite celebrities have posted their fake pregnancy announcements on social media? Showing a false positive pregnancy test and their fake ultrasounds, or by [...]

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