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Sexy Halloween Prank Concepts


Let your Halloween stress and anxieties go away as you indulge in these Halloween prank concepts that are oh so fresh and oh so exciting!

Transform your definition of a fun Halloween using the impressive and innovative Halloween gag gifts from FakeABaby! With our wide array of Halloween prank items and gag gifts for the Allhallows Eve, you will never lack for comical ideas and amazing gagging concepts!

The era of bold pranks and inimitable gags has arrived. Gone are the days when we need to stick to the usual pranking activity that entails too much effort, high costs, clutter and mess. And it's quite painful to know that oftentimes, many elaborate pranks end up on an epic fail. That's too awful knowing that you've worked hard (and spent hard!) for an intricate gag, only to realize that it was unsuccessful and didn't even made the people involved smile, because of its premature discovery.

For intensely hilarious Halloween pranks, the fake ultrasound and fake pregnancy test kits from FakeABaby are awesome prank toys that are guaranteed to shock and distress your prank victims. On the 31st of October, announce that you are preggers by showing them a personalized fake ultrasound with your name and details, and prepare yourself to see their jaws drop! You can also ask your sibling or friend to pee on a fake pregnancy test kit — and see their horror and confusion as they see the positive sign! Remember, the fake pregnancy test kits will always yield a false positive so imagine their terror if a guy actually tries it, LOL! This is gonna be a one helluva Halloween, for sure!

You can even do the timeless prank, and inject a naughty element on it, making it extra wacky. Put on the FakeABaby Huge Silicone Boobies and surprise everyone that you've just recently had a boob job. This is a perfect prank if the wearer or prankster is a timid one, as seeing her with her ultimately humongous boobies will shock everyone, making them absolutely perplexed. Now this is certainly a more revolutionary Halloween prank idea; increasing the shock factor, without adding too much gore, untidiness and muddle!

Sporting a Wonder Woman costume this Halloween? Get your Halloween costume sexified and make it even bolder with the Fake Silicone Pregnant Boobs and Fake Silicone Butt Pads. It's gonna be a sure hit! It will leave everyone baffled as to when and where did you get those curves… instantly! If you are already naturally shapely, seeing you in a Halloween Costume, and looking curvier than ever will leave them mystified too. Now that's a tasteful Halloween gag!

Awesome Halloween Pranks and Gags

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Never Underestimate the Power of a Fake DNA Test

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Butt Implants Without the Surgery!

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State of the Art Modern Fake Ultrasounds

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Prank Using Your Fake Boobies

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Funny and Fabulous

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Sexy and Naughty Pranks

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Become a Fake X-Ray Prank Expert!

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Get Pranky and Be Happy!

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