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Halloween Tears of Joy


The Halloween is one of the much-awaited time of the year to have a good excuse to be crazy and creative. The April Fool’s Day is of course an excellent opportunity to be silly and to pull off an extraordinary trickery—but the Halloween is definitely a time that’s way extra special as you get to enjoy two things: goofing around and scaring the shit out of your prank victims!

Here at FakeABaby, we make sure that you are set to accomplish a prank that is effective and hilarious but something that you can also pull off successfully in no time!

We do recognize that elaborate pranks are very entertaining but we also understand the reality that most of us do not have the time to create a complex spoof. That's why our gag gifts and prank items are loved by everyone because they get a prank item the holds all the things that they want and need about a prank toy: easy to use, effective, humorous, and affordable!

This year, try a Halloween prank that is hassle-free and wacky! Our Fake DNA Test Kits will scare your siblings and compel them into thinking that they are or you are adopted. Let your parents or siblings see all the laboratory items, making them think that the whole setup is real. You can also show them the certificate that looks legit so there is no room for any doubts…just absolute fun and excitement in the form of a startling news that will make their Halloween genuinely shocking!

You can also try the Halloween Butt Implant Prank. This is a perfect prank for moms, aunts, pals, and to victimize those who are gullible enough. Those who are very discerning will also find this prank ultimately convincing. With our silicone shapewear, your butt implant prank is going to be very realistic!

Make sure that you have a “Happy Halloween” by having our FakeABaby Halloween Prank Items! 

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