April Fools! Personalized Fake DNA Test YOU ARE THE FATHER!

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Personalized Fake DNA Test

This is the best Gag for use during Birthday Parties!!!


You ARE the Father! You ARE NOT the Father!

 Sound familiar? 


With this fake DNA kit you can:

  • Pretend the mailman is the father of your child.
  • Pretend your significant other is not the father or mother of your child.
  • Pretend your sister was adopted by disproving her blood relationship to your mother.


The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!


How does this joke work? 

This order includes a DNA Collection Kit (cotton swabs and test tubes), a DNA “Match” certificate, and a DNA “Mis-Match” certificate. To execute this joke, collect DNA samples with the cotton swabs as directed by the kit instructions, then pretend to mail the test tube samples to the laboratory (but you can secretly throw all that stuff away). After 7 or more days have passed, pretend you received the DNA results from the lab. Then reveal either the 99.9% Match document or the 99.9% Mis-Match document to your joke victim(s), each of which has both names of the people tested.

You may not change or add any details of this test such as the lab name or percentages etc.


Like every other product on fakeababy.com, this too is a gag/joke/novelty product. This does not contain any legitimate laboratory test or result items.





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best gag gift ever
Written by Liz on 13th Feb 2017

looks realistic!