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Our Premium Fake Ultrasound Collection


Choosing has never been this fun and exciting, particularly if we are talking about picking a funny gag gift among a hilarious and first-class collection of genius imaginative items and personalized prank toys - only from Fake a Baby!

And what's not to love in our amazing Fake Ultrasound collection? Gone are the days of limiting yourself to a single type of an awesome item. Now, you can enjoy our fake 2D ultrasounds and fake 3D ultrasounds, in a myriad of customization options! Choosing a fake ultrasound type is fun, personalizing it is entertaining, and placing an order is a breeze. Imagine having a great time already while purchasing it. And you will then realize that the fun will be doubled—or even tripled—as you proceed to planning your prank and then carrying it out. It certainly is the kind of prank that should not be missed!

You may find a fake ultrasound anywhere online. If you do not have a discriminate and classy taste, then obtaining a fake ultrasound is easy. But… a big but! If you are leaning towards the most realistic, most convincing and the most legitimate-looking fake ultrasound, well… You've definitely come to the right place!

Fake a Baby is the leading provider of personalized fake ultrasounds and fake sonograms that are meant to fool even moms, aunts, grannies and ultrasound technicians. That’s because our fake ultrasounds are unique and look very legitimate. We are proud of success stories; of pranks pulled off towards mommies, or family and friends who work as OB/GYNs, where the victims did not even doubt the legitimacy of our fake ultrasound as they look absolutely real - you may even find yourself totally stunned and impressed by it when you receive it!

You can choose from 12 exciting versions, 5 paper types, 2 color options and add all the information that you want to make it absolutely yours. Where else would you find a gag gift, specifically a fake ultrasound that you can customize in a plenitude of ways? Only at Fake a Baby! Oh, and the option to add a security hologram to make your document even more authentic is just brilliant! 

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