Take it to the next level! Yup, it's easy to do so, especially when we're talking about upping the wow factor of your fake ultrasound prank. While a 2D fake ultrasound is a tried-and-tested way to pull off a crazy prank towards your friends, and a 3D fake ultrasound joke is also a classy way to accomplish a funny gag towards your mom, sissy or hubby, if you want something new, something fresh and edgy, then might as well obtain the new fake ultrasound designs from Fake a Baby!

Fake a Baby offers the latest, sparkling new designs that show vibrant and brilliant images of the fetus. The superb combination of glowing colors will definitely add style and glamour to your next pranking activity.




With a more exquisite design and style, you could still take advantage of the freedom in personalizing it so you could truly call it your own!

Choose from 4 paper types - Normal Glossy, Plain Non Glossy, Transparency or Large White Matte Paper. Provide the Patient, Physician, Hospital name, as well as the date the ultrasound was taken and patient's number. The most exciting part of choosing the gender is that you're not only limited to only two - you can funnily pick "brat" or "jerk like its father" for the gender. Remember, these are just a 2d fake ultrasound and 3D fake sonogram “for entertainment purposes”, thus have it your way in customizing it in the most hilarious way that suits you!

With these new fake ultrasound designs from Fake a Baby, you're not only assured of a fail-proof prank - you're also guaranteed of a tasteful and up-to-date fake ultrasound!