Fake DNA Test Laboratory Style - Funny Prank for the Dad in your life!

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Fake DNA Test

This version has no box label, it looks medical as if it was straight from the lab! See the sample photos. This fake dna test also includes the result papers mailed to you.

This is the BEST gag for Birthday Parties!!!


You ARE the Father! You ARE NOT the Father!

 Sound familiar? 


With this fake DNA kit you can:

  • Pretend the mailman is the father of your child.
  • Pretend your significant other is not the father or mother of your child.
  • Pretend your sister was adopted by disproving her blood relationship to your mother.


The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!


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How does this joke work? 

This order includes a DNA Collection Kit (cotton swabs and test tubes), a DNA “Match” certificate, and a DNA “Mis-Match” certificate. To execute this joke, collect DNA samples with the cotton swabs as directed by the kit instructions, then pretend to mail the test tube samples to the laboratory (but you can secretly throw all that stuff away). After 7 or more days have passed, pretend you received the DNA results from the lab. Then reveal either the 99.9% Match document or the 99.9% Mis-Match document to your joke victim(s), each of which has both names of the people tested.

All thrilled for your friend's homecoming soon? Of course you are! Imagine the feeling of being away from each other with your best friend for several years. Now that a lot has happened and that both of you have already settled down, of course you are looking forward to a dinner, a mini-party or better yet, a sleep-over (just like the old times!) to catch up with each other. What are you planning to do? Well, all those pretty laces – with her favorite color, swathed on the wall, preparing a favorite meal of hers with that bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, and watching a throwback film - aww that's sweet, but how about doing something edgy that will make you and your friend loosen up a bit? Yes, you know what we've been thinking! Our Fake DNA Test Laboratory Style may play an important role in creating a comically wondrous memory between you and your BFF! Treat her to a Hollywood-ish kind of controversy. Make her feel as if she's a part of an absolutely hot and juicy headline. Pull off a fake DNA test prank on her by telling her that your child's (or children's) baby daddy isn't really your husband - it's actually David Beckham! Or maybe you can choose your ultimate crush - Ryan Reynolds or Nick Jonas? Definitely up to you! Show her your fake DNA test, gather all your acting abilities and be strong enough not to giggle or chuckle a bit, while telling her a story that you were impregnated by one of the richest or by the most popular guy in the world. Maybe she’d be envious or get a headache with an information overload. Then set yourselves in for a night full of laughter; all those pillow-hitting (aww) and crazy name-calling which will surely make her homecoming a very special and unforgettable one - something that will still make her smile when she goes overseas once again! :D This laboratory style, fake DNA Test is Fake a Baby’s most medical-looking fake DNA test kit!


Like every other product on fakeababy.com, this too is a gag/joke/novelty product. This does not contain any legitimate laboratory test or result items.








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Written by undefined on 21st Aug 2017

Just funny as hell should just see her face lol

Would buy again...
Written by undefined on 5th Jan 2017

Best DNA joke ever!

looks so real
Written by undefined on 12th Apr 2016

Everything looks so real even the results