Fake Ultrasound

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3D Fake Sonogram

3D Fake Ultrasound

All New Products! 




Now you can choose to have your Fake Ultrasound in a strip of three slightly different Fake Sonogram Photos!


Like this:




Welcome to our VERY UNIQUE "FakeUltrasounds". We at FakeABaby.com created and have been selling this product for many years and are proud to announce new versions and updates!


 2D & 3D FAKEULTRASOUNDS in Color or Black & White


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So many ways to personalize a fake ultrasound: 

  • Choose the stage of pregnancy
  • Make up the Doctor's name (no real names please)
  • Make up the hospital or clinic (no real names please)
  • Choose the baby’s gender 
  • Fake Personalized Ultrasounds are the best gags for Bachelor, Bachelorette parties, Birthday Parties and even Christmas Gags!

So many fun ways to fake a baby:  

  • The baby can be an Alien or have Horns!
  • The baby can be naughty from the womb and be flipping you off!
  • Add a funny note in the Comments section


Each order comes with at least 2 copies! 

You can even choose the type of media for the fake ultrasound: 

  • Normal Glossy – 3 copies (5x7)
    Normal Glossy – 4 copies (3.5x2.5)
    Plain Non Glossy – 3 copies (5x7)
    Transparency – 3 copies (5x7)
    Large White Matte Paper – 4 copies on 20x24 white sheet
    NEW Giant Poster Size - 1 Copy


    Now Offering A NEW Small Size For Your Refrigerator!


    You get 4 copies!


    4 copies (3.5x2.5) for Small Size









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Disclaimer: By completing and submitting any form and or checkout process on our website, you agree not to use this product for purposes which may be illegal, immoral, fraudulent or hurtful to others. All of our products are obviously for fun. It is designed as a novelty/gag device.  All Products Sold or Distributed by Entertainment Imports LLC, FakeABaby.com, ARE NOT REAL! They are Fake Gag Products. We do not produce or reproduce any real documents or products, medical or otherwise. All products are our originals works of Art made for the sole purpose of entertainment. All of our products, including but not limited to our Fake Personalized Ultrasounds, Fake Personalized Sonograms, and Fake Personalized Pregnancy Papers are intended for Gag and Joke purposes only. 

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Baby is the best!
Written by Adrienne Wilson on 17th Sep 2021

The pictures come out right!

Fake sonograms are amazong here!
Written by Adrienne Wilson on 17th Sep 2021

The pictures are amazing at fakeababy.com!

Written by Dreama Williams on 4th Mar 2021

reveal gender!

Fake ultrasound
Written by Francine Alexis Cabrera on 19th Jun 2020

Was awesome product for what i intended.