Father's Day Special! Fabric Fake Santa Claus Belly Costume for Christmas!

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New zipper feature lets you add or remove filler to change the shape and size of your fake pregnancy belly!!




We include Polyfil filler that you can drastically stretch out when you stuff your new fake belly.




Note: When filling the belly, stretch the filler out with your hands.


It becomes extremely full if you stretch all the filler out, or leave it packed small for a smaller look.


ON SALE NOW $9.99!!!


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Have Fun with
Fake Santa Bellies 

Be Santa -- Get More Presents!

You're going somewhere on Turkey-Day and Christmas, Right?
Go as Santa! You Know You Want to!

Item Number --- FPB1L
Fake Santa Stomachs!

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Actual color of product may not be red. 


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