Fake Ultrasound Generator Free 2D Prank!

Choosing a great prank seems overwhelming; but...you can't go wrong with the FakeABaby gag gifts! A 2D fake ultrasound generator is an exciting prank item to those looking to plan a fantastic prank that's unique, controversial, and so authentic-looking! The FakeABaby fake ultrasounds resemble the ones generated from hospitals and ultrasound laboratories. Your mom, aunt, sissy, or friend who has just given birth won't even know the difference from the actual ones. That's why you can pull off a fake pregnancy prank and a fake ultrasound prank effortlessly and seamlessly! Can't decide what to choose between a 2D fake ultrasound and a 3D fake ultrasound? Well, both are excellent, of course! The 3D fake ultrasounds are great if you want to have a more modern look with detailed images. However, many of our customers also rave about the FakeABaby 2D fake ultrasound because of how common it looks yet still provides equally vivid 2D images. It is usually the type of ultrasounds that are seen on TV or by a pregnant friend. 

The more common it is, the more convincing it would be to your 2D fake ultrasound prank victim. So, the prank's gonna be efffective for you and more funnily shocking for everyone! It's easy to customize a fake ultrasound! Choose from 12 versions, from the simple 3-4 weeks to 10-14 week triplets! Pick between a real ultrasound thermal paper or plain non glossy. Both still look legitimate! Add the name of patient, fake medical number, fake physician or nurse's name, fake hospital or clinic's name, date of ultrasound, fetal stage, father's name, and voila! You can rest easy knowing that an authentic-looking fake ultrasound is within your reach!