8 Weeks Fake Ultrasound Generator — Little Bean

Need to pull off a fake pregnancy prank? Now you can effortlessly say, " I'm 2 weeks pregnant, y'all! " with the FakeABaby 8-week fake ultrasound! We offer a wide array of fake ultrasounds that look so real, all you need to do is to sit back, relax, and be in awe on how easy it is to obtain a fake ultrasound, doctors and sonologist won't be able to tell the difference. If you want to justify that you are preggers with a flat stomach or you want to prank someone that you're expecting with a slightly bloated tummy, the easiest way is to get the 8-week little bean fake ultrasound. 

A mom who is 8-weeks pregnant won't show any bump at all. If you are planning to pull off a fake pregnancy prank by still having a flat stomach, then an 8-week ultrasound is an excellent choice! An 8-week ultrasound shows that the baby's arms and legs are already growing. Their facial features are also starting to be developed. A high quality fake ultrasound such as the ones offered by FakeABaby do have this, showing the hands and arms of the fetus already taking shape. With more than 12 versions to choose from and detailed customization options, you can certainly own it!