​April Fool's Day 2021 Ideas

An extraordinary prank need not require expensive materials and an elaborate setup! You can pull off a mind-blowing prank with a simple gag gift which could serve as the focal point of your April Fools tomfoolery!

Since April Fool's Day is just around the corner, FakeABaby is happy to offer a wide array of April Fools Day gags and prank ideas just for you! With our brilliant collection of gag gifts, there will be no shortage of funny ideas and laughter on April 1st!

Use a fake pregnancy test kit and make your family shocked as you announce that you are preggers while holding a positive pregnancy test result!

Be sexy while being naughty! Show your new set of silicone implant-like boobies or newer and bigger butt! With the FakeABaby silicone boobs and silicone butt, this prank is highly achievable!

Get amused by your friends's reaction when you pull off a Fake Medical Test prank or a Fake Ultrasound prank in whatever setting your prank is in. 

Sky is really the limit in finding ways on how to inflict shock, terror, and laughter all at once with the exciting FakeABaby items!


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