Fake Sonogram Video April Fool's Day Prank

What could be the kind of prank with a surprising twist that will make your April Fool's Day even more fun and crazy?

If you already pulled off a fake pregnancy test prank or a fake pregnancy document prank, we are sure that you will have twice the fun and double the excitement when you pull off a Fake Sonogram Video Prank! If the fake pregnancy announcement which your favorite celebrity really convinced you last April Fool's Day, you might get surprised that pulling it off will also be fun for you as you see your family and friend's reaction on your tomfoolery this 1st of April!

Take your pregnancy prank to another level! The fake sonogram DVD video looks so real and so legitimate, your April Fool's Day prank victims will believe you right there and then, that's for sure! There's gonna be no room for doubts--only a realistic and totally convincing moment!

A fake sonogram video is a fresh addition to your prank ideas. It is so cherish-worthy, you and your friends will still laugh remembering the day that they've been victimized with a hilarious prank! See their awe as they watch the moving fetus, 100% convinced that you are preggers.

Go to your favorite social media and post the fake sonogram video and wallow in the comments and disbelief from your buddies, LOL!

Are your parents or siblings coming over? Let them watch the fake sonogram video and just sit back and relax pretending and answering their questions. Make sure that you express your artistic, Best Actor skills!

Is planning to get pregnant totally over for you and your spouse? Well, surprise him of a fake sonogram video with your friends as your accomplice and see him get flabbergasted as to why you got pregnant in the first place. Impossible!

What a good way to pull off an April Fool's Day prank this pandemic!

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