​Father's Day Prank Ideas for 2021

Fathers are awesome and they do deserve to be the center of attention at times...and this Father's Day is the perfect occasion to give them an enjoyable time!

Add a dash of humor to this year's Father's Day celebration by incorporating a funny mischief into it! Treat the dads of your life with an awesome gift, topped with an unforgettable prank that will bring about a shocked reaction, making their day even more super!

Here are just some of lovely yet crazy Father's Day pranks bound to transform your typical Father's Day surprise into an exciting one!

Father's Day Fake Pregnancy Test Prank

If you want to have a silly time, give your dad, hubby, uncle, or boyfriend a fake pregnancy test prank that's guaranteed to flabbergast them, followed by lots of laughter! The FakeABaby fake pregnancy test kit will always yield a false positive so you can just imagine how they will react after seeing the positive sign after just coming out of the restroom. Utilize all your Best Actor or Best Actress capabilities and try not to laugh while pulling off this prank. You can also have your 50-year-old mom or 80-year-old granny pull off this fake pregnancy prank. It's gonna be a crazy time, that's for sure!

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Father's Day Fake DNA Test Prank

The FakeABaby Fake DNA Test is all you need to make your dad subtly horrified and mildly terrified upon knowing the revelation that you are not his biological child! Make your mom as an accomplice. You can use the Instant Fake DNA Test that includes a strip that turns blue with urine, showing a Matched DNA for two people. Or better yet, do it the other way around: make your dad as an accomplice and prank your mom instead! Either way, you're all gonna have a crazy and memorable time with this kind of unconventional prank!

Father's Day will never be the same again! Create lasting memories with the funny prank items and crazy gag gifts from FakeABaby