Funny Weekend Lockdown Activities to Try

As social distancing and quarantining continue, admit it or not, but many of us are in the brink of going crazy! The cabin fever is real. Not being able to go outside and do the usual things we're used to do gives us that kind of boredom and anxiety. Fortunately, by being resourceful and by using the available technologies topped with our creativity, we could make the lockdown even more fun and memorable especially with a lockdown prank. Aside from this, we could be able to relax and focus on the things we never got to do before this pandemic.

Have you been locked up for months and still can't go about doing your everyday normal activities? Here are some wonderful choices on how you could make your lockdown, restday, or your weekend a sure hit!

1. Cook or bake something

Now more than ever, you have all the time in the world to cook or bake that favorite meal or that mouthwatering cake you've always wanted. Don't know how to do it? Learn! Take a course online, watch You Tube videos, or experiment. Explore what you can do with a cuisine based on your liking or something that may challenge you!

2. Learn a new skill

There's a plethora of great things to discover with the use of the Internet, aside from the fact that it makes it a lot easier for us for entertainment, education, and getting informed. If you decide to take a new course, there are several online courses available, some of them are paid while others are free. You can learn a new skill as which may be helpful for you professionally, academically, or simply to keep yourself sane! There's so many courses to choose from and learning them at the tip of your fingers through the use of internet and with your favorite gadget is possible.

3. Catch up with your friends and loved ones

Thankfully, we can make use of technology while on quarantine or as we work from home. Several apps and softwares can be used for a meeting and to video call and contact those that mean the most us. Throw a party using Zoom or Facebook Messenger, watch your favorite movie, go Netflixing with your buddies, or just spend a virtual happy hour with your loved ones. Even kids go to school over Zoom and it could also be a great platform to have play date as well.

4. Read

Due to our busy schedules overloaded with so many tasks that overwhelm our time, reading a book was something that we often forget pre-Covid. It should be a part of our everyday life but because of so many things to fulfill, we usually postpone finishing a good book. Reading is therapeutic, keeps your mind sharp, and is a great way to educate yourself.

5. Exercise

While being stuck at home, the chances of being sedentary is high. Discipline and time management will surely help in sticking to a daily schedule that involves exercise. During this time, we could go for basic stretching, weight-lifting, riding a stationary bike, swimming, walking on a treadmill, or go for yoga and meditation. This is the perfect time to put our health on our topmost priority. It's easy to be lazy and just slack around because we are stagnated at home. We can actually start light and eventually build up further as we feel better.

6. Pull off a funny prank!

Laughter is indeed the best medicine. With the current pandemic, you shouldn't only take care of your physical health but make sure to do everything and anything to put your mental health on tiptop shape. Feeling anxious, stressed, and depressed may take a toll on your physical health so it's best to balance your physical, emotional, and mental health during this time. In order to do this, aside from watching or reading funny materials, a great activity is pulling off a funny prank. That's right! Pull off a prank on your family members and hear all the laughter and giggles echo from the walls of your house. Create an uplifting vibe at home and make your lockdown time far from boring.

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Image by: Queven