​Valentine's Day Ideas 2021

This Valentine's Day may be your first time to celebrate V-day during the pandemic. That's why it's perfect to spend it effortlessly by simply having fun, buying naughty and wacky Valentine's Day items, and by goofing around through a Valentine's Day prank!

Couples this Valentine's Day could spice up the day of the hearts at home by having a wonderful date night. For the ladies, make his jaw drop and turn on his 'honeymoon mode' switch by wearing the FakeABaby huge Silicone boobs.

Want to be mean in a harmless way? Pull off a FakeABaby Fake Pregnancy Test prank on your boyfriend or hubby! Show off your acting abilities by peeing on the FakeABaby fake pregnancy test kit and letting your hubby or boyfriend see the test result yield a false positive.

Trick your baby daddy that his child isn't his with the FakeABaby Fake DNA test. See him getting stunned initially and eventually giving in to that crazy and scary moment!

For the single ladies...

Prank your parents, siblings, relatives, or buddies online with a FakeABaby Valentine's Day prank that will leave them flabbergasted!

Get the FakeABaby 2D Fake Ultrasound with your name and all the personalized details on it and post it on your social media account. They'll be surprised that they've been pranked. What a memorable V-day indeed!

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