Personalized Fake Newspaper Birth Announcement


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Personalized Fake Newspaper Birth Announcement


This fake newspaper birth announcement can be used for pranks and even for real birth announcements! If your local newspaper refuses to include your birth announcement (many won't do it these days, or they charge ridiculous fees), then this is perfect! Use this to show your family, relatives and friends your life's biggest milestone - becoming a parent! BUT, planning to utilize this fake newspaper birth announcement to pull off a prank or to complete a gag is definitely a fabulous idea for an entertainment as well! Nothing says GOTCHA like fake newspaper birth announcement! - Printed on real newspaper, for the best gag ever. - 5 copies on real newsprint. The edges can be torn or cut just like you removed it from a whole size newspaper. - Select the style you like. Style 1 is the first photo and Style 2 is the second photo.

Disclaimer: By completing and submitting any form and or checkout process on our website, you agree not to use this product for purposes which may be illegal, immoral, fraudulent or hurtful to others. All of our products are obviously for fun. It is designed as a novelty/gag device.  All Products Sold or Distributed by Entertainment Imports LLC,, ARE NOT REAL! They are Fake Gag Products. We do not produce or reproduce any real documents or products, medical or otherwise. All products are our originals works of Art made for the sole purpose of entertainment. All of our products, including but not limited to our Fake Personalized Ultrasounds, Fake Personalized Sonograms, and Fake Personalized Pregnancy Papers are intended for Gag and Joke purposes only. 

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Looks real as can be.
Written by Sylvester on 1st Apr 2014

Did an excellent job on writing and also look real and professional.