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We offer many types of shipping and digital email deli very options. We ship from the West Coast, USA. All orders received before 2:00PM Pacific will process the same day. Orders received after 2PM will process and ship the next day. Although if you order Email Delivery service, we often will send those orders up to 10PM the same day. 


Free Shipping - Exactly like it sounds, its free! Yep! We offer free shipping on all of our Fake Ultrasounds and Fake Sonograms. Its First Class USPS Mail. Typically this takes about 3-5 days to arrive to you after we process your order. Sometimes, its as long as 7-10 days. But, if you can spare the time, its the best value!


Priority Mail - This is USPS Priority Mail service by USPS (your mailman). This can be as fast as 1 day after we process your order, depending on where you live. Most of the time this option will arrive 2-3 days after we process your order. 


Express Mail - This option is for customers in a hurry! If we receive your order before 2PM, it will ship the same day! USPS Express is 1-2 day shipping time after we process your order.


Where is my email delivery?

If you selected to have your order emailed, it will be sent at the time your order ships. Still cant find your email delivery? Make sure to check your Spam and Trash folders in your email. Sometimes our emails end up there. :(


Where is my order?

If you ordered Free Shipping, First Class Mail. It's a slow service with no tracking. Please be patient. If you do not receive it within ten days of ordering, send us a message in your FakeaBaby account, email us at, or send us a text at ‪(775) 393-9549‬.

If you selected Priority Mail or Express Mail, our system emails you a tracking number. You can check the status with that number at 

Is your shipping discreet?

YES! All of our orders ship discretly! None of our envelopes, mailers or packages say Fakeababy on the outside. Your Fake Pregnancy Prank is safe with us!

How long does it take to get my Fake Sonogram?

Sometimes within minutes! Usually, it's a matter of hours. Always within 24 hours!

What is a Fake Ultrasound or Fake Sonogram?

An Ultrasound scan or Sonogram is the same thing. Its a  scan that uses high-frequency sound waves to see inside the human body. Typically they are used to check on the health of a fetus, but they can be used for many things such as a look at your liver! Ultrasound scans are safe and have been in use since 1956! When you get an Ultrasound Scan of your fetus, typically the technician will print you a photo or two of your fetus. Thats where we come in at We print gag gift, novelty Fake Ultrasound and Fake Sonogram scans from the same printers they use! We can print you 3D, 2D and even Fake Ultrasound Videos! They look and feel like the real thing, but they are for fun and entertainment only please. 

Does FakeaBaby sell real Ultrasounds?

No, all of our products are works of Art created by our very experience graphic designers. We only employ the very best designers!

Does FakeaBaby Fake Ultrasounds look and feel real?

Yes they do! We are the original, the most authentic and the most believable fake Pregnancy Gag Gift!

Are these real ultrasounds from a Dr?

No, These prank or gag ultrasounds look and feel realistic, but they are NOT REAL sonograms from a doctor. These FAKE ULTRAOSOUNDS, they are completely fake and for entertainment only! products are not intended to take the place of real medical diagnostic tests or treatments that have been or may be recommended by a healthcare provider. If you are experiencing discomfort, pain or symptoms, please call 911.

Are these Fake Sonograms private? Do you share or store my information?

NO! Not only do we not store your information, we cannot and do not share it because we don't have it to share! Unlike other websites, they choose to store all of your data, they even often sell it! WE DO NOT. Your orders are private, and our shipping is discreet! We have to pass a rigorous complaince process every year to prove we do not store your information. We do not store or even process your credit card information. It goes through the worlds largest credit card processor. You can trust and Entertainment Imports LLC. We have been in business since 2012. We are here to stay! 

You charged my card! Why is my order declined!? I hate you Fakeababy!

While this is rare, sometimes your debit or credit card is declined. It could be a wrong address or a mis typed number. When you try to use your card on the internet, credit card systems make an authorization on your account. Even if its declined! Its something VISA and MASTERCARD have always done. Don't fret! Send us a message in your FakeaBaby account, email us at, or send us a text at ‪(775) 393-9549‬, we will help find out whats going! We are here to work with you!

How much does a Fake Pregnancy Document cost?

We have products for every budget! Starting at $9.95! Available HERE. We also have a special Custom Fake Ultrasound. This item is a one off design. That means we assign a designer TO YOU. They will make whatever you want! No other company does this. Its available HERE.

Do you sell other kinds of Fake Pregnancy items?

YES! FakeaBaby sells Silicone Fake Pregnancy Belly Costumes, Fake Pregnancy Tests, Fake DNA Tests and even Fake Pregnancy Papers! These items can be found HERE