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Funny Santa Pranks and Christmas Gags


The yuletide season is so fast approaching, and so it is just the best time to plan for an awesome Christmas prank or New Year prank that's gonna make this year an epic one!

With the Thanksgiving celebrations just making us recollect our awesome memories, it's indeed a great moment to start preparing for a pleasing Christmas or New Year surprise for your family and friends. Pranks and gags done on special occasions do make the celebration livelier and more unforgettable. Let's go beyond the norm by pulling off a Christmas prank or a Santa prank that will render your family and buddies speechless, and something that will make them super happy with hearty laughter afterwards!

FakeABaby offers a wide array of prank toys and gag gifts that are much-loved and can be easily incorporated to different prank ideas and gag concepts, all year round! Our prank items are dynamic and versatile enough so it is easy for you to carry out your prank and easily mix one of our gag gifts to transform your funny prank into a marvelous holiday gag. Uplift the vibe around you and spread cheer and positivity on Christmas and New Year with a crazy, shocking, yet harmless surprise from FakeABaby!

Get our Santa Belly for the best Santa Claus Costume! Surprise your family that Santa is indeed has come to town. An exceptional Santa costume is of no use without a realistic and vibrantly colored Santa belly! What's more to love in our Santa bellies is that they're very easy to be worn and provides an ultimately convincing look!

Boob jobs here, boob jobs there, boob jobs everywhere. Well, turn a boob job into a boob job prank this season! A Fake boob job prank is highly achievable with the huge silicone boobies and silicone bra inserts from FakeABaby! Never again will you have a breast augmentation prank turn into a nightmare because of tacky and fake-ish bra pads! Now more than ever, you can pull off a fake boob job prank or perhaps sport a new cup size and increase your confidence using the FakeABaby silicone products!

Are you a fitness-buff and wanted to add some spice to your typical holiday celebration? Show your abs and show the FakeABaby fake pregnancy test that yielded a false positive and marvel at how shocked and perplexed your prank victims will be discovering that you are pregnant but still have those amazing abs, LOL!

Do you have a pancakes ass? This December, show them that you've just had a butt implant in a jiffy by wearing the FakeABaby silicone butt shapewear. Visualize their reactions on how the hell were you able to have a butt implant in a matter of 3 days!

Do a crazy, shocking, perplexing, but definitely sexy Christmas prank!!! 

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