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Endless Gags and Pranks


Enjoy the overflowing gag and prank ideas here at FakeABaby! We offer plenty of prank items and gag gifts that will surely match everyone's taste, pranking preferences, and any level of prankster expertise!

It's no secret as to why more and more people are drawn to pranks--be it simply watching a prank or do it themselves. Pranks have become a form of an escape to the demanding lives that we have. We achieve some sort of a quick getaway and be able to forget our problems by expressing our sense of humor and artistry. The laughter provides a therapeutic feeling which is surely important to keep our zest for life, even if the stresses of life have always been existent.

The wonderful gag gifts from FakeABaby are centered on fake pregnancy pranks, but we also offer prank items that are perfect for cosmetic surgery pranks, medical pranks, buddy pranks, and which can also be used for fashion.

Our fake pregnancy test kits, fake 2D ultrasounds and fake 3D ultrasounds, fake pregnancy announcements, and fake pregnancy bellies will allow you to achieve the best fake pregnancy prank ever. Regardless if you intend to use one of the items or choose to use all of the above, you're bound to have a fabulous moment pulling off the greatest fake pregnancy prank of all time!

For an unbelievably good cosmetic surgery prank, choose the FakeABaby silicone huge boobies or silicone bra inserts for a realistic fake boob job or fake boobs prank. Or, you can trick your family and friends that you've just had a butt implant. You will never go wrong with the stunning silicone butt shape wear! Also awesome as a fashion item!

Give in to a refreshing and exhilarating moment from the loads of chuckles and giggles with the FakeABaby fake DNA tests, fake medical tests, and personalized prescriptions. You can expect an effective, convincing, and a quality prank toy for that awesome and unforgettable prank!

Go ahead and get your FakeABaby prank item NOW!

You Should Experience a Fake Boob Job Prank At Least Once In Your Lifetime And Here's Why

Unearth beauty and inspiration in your day-to-day tasks! You don't need to be legendary to transform your day or even your life! Just be yourself and splash more positivity and happy vibe to your daily activities and you'll surely win! No matter how small or big your tasks are, it will certainly become easy if you have a cheerful [...]

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Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!

Break all the rules but stay on the safe side with the harmless and funny prank items and gag gifts from FakeABaby!Are you really serious in planning for the best prank ever? FakeABaby is here to give you an awesome time with our awesome gag gifts for that awesome experience and memories! Experience a delightful moment with a sexy [...]

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Classy Savagery

Ever heard of a classy savagery? You might think that it is impossible to accomplish a funny cruelty in the form of a prank and still be classy, sexy and fun. But with FakeABaby, it’s of course highly achievable! Allow us to give you the opportunity to loosen up and show your mischievous side without looking tacky. Be confident, [...]

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Funny and Trendy Prank Items for You!

Indulge in trendy items that are so hysterical and be prepared for all the laughter and fun that the items from FakeABaby can offer you!The wide variety of options when it comes to prank items and gag gifts can only be found at FakeABaby. Enjoy the hilarious items wrapped in all things realistic and true, which are just [...]

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From Drab to Fab

Be totally inspired by an overflow of gag gifts and funny prank items such as the fake medical tests found on FakeABaby! With the fun-loving, non-boring, imaginative and adventurous people in mind, FakeABaby is ultimately pleased to continue offering ingenious and totally daring items for the best spoof that are bound to transform a basic prank into something amazing which [...]

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How to Pick the Best Prank

Image Source: Theodore Palser via PublicDomainPictures under the CC0 Public Domain license.When you are feeling down and it seems that you cannot do anything but to accept the monotony of your daily activities then it is the perfect moment to pause and reflect so you could find the best way to transform your boring day into a marvelous time that will [...]

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A Fresh Prank to Try

Are you feeling oh so lonely and needed something to boost your self esteem or at least heighten the vibe around you? If you are then you could be one of the candidates who are set to empowering their dull days, sans the hassles, pressures and exorbitant costs!Carry out your mischief in the classiest way with our remarkably effective [...]

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Times have indeed changed. Gone are the days when we can slack around and be idle for so long. This is the era where we’re always in a hurry; on-the-go most of the time. Nearly everything is offered in an instant. Most are even in real time. And to keep up with the demands of [...]

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