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Fake Sonogramm Videos

Fake Ultrasound Videos

Up your prank game with Fake Ultrasound Videos! A huge hit among pranksters, young and old.  Leave people confused, amused, and in stitches after busting the fake sonogram video. 

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Play the Ultimate Pregnancy Prank with Fake Ultrasound Videos

Fake it till you make it! If it happens to be faking pregnancy, you have to up the game. uses multiple options to make fake ultrasounds look believable in a split second. 

  • Choose the Stage of Pregnancy: Select the desired stage of pregnancy to customize your experience. Early excitement of the first trimester? Anticipation of the third? We got you covered. 
  • Make up the Doctor's Name: Infuse a touch of creativity by cooking up a fictional name for your attending gynecologist. 
  • Make up the Hospital or Clinic: Think of a name for the hospital or clinic where your ultrasound supposedly took place. 
  • Choose the Baby’s Gender: Decide on the gender of your fictional baby. 
  • Personal Details: Do not forget to mention your name and the date of the sonogram. 
  • Add a Funny Note in the Comments Section: Share a chuckle by including a playful anecdote or witty remark in the comments section. 

We can create a single fetus video and for twins as well. Let your imagination go wild with us as your fake ultrasound video makers in the United States. What are you waiting for? Order it today.   

Why Order Fake Sonogram Videos? 

Faking pregnancy may sound outrageous but at the same time, it can leave people rolling out in uncontrollable laughter.'s meticulous approach ensures fake sonograms look real beyond a doubt. 

  • Pranks:  Take your family, friends, or colleagues on a fun ride with fake sonograms.   
  • Announcements: Share the biggest news of your life in a unique and entertaining manner. 
  • Gifts and Celebrations: Our personalized fake sonogram videos are great gifts for birthdays, baby showers, or other celebrations.
  • Entertainment and Fun: Create fictional ultrasound videos for gigs and spread unbridled laughter around you.

Why spare your social media followers? Post it online. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the different reactions! 

Engineered for people who appreciate humor and not to shock or leave anyone in distress.  We would love to hear how the pregnancy prank video turned out for you.  


Who provides the voiceover for the video?

Our fake videos do not have custom sounds, yet. We customize the patients name and details of the video ultrasounds mentioned on the page.

How real are these ultrasound videos?

They look real. All thanks to the graphics team which goes above and beyond to make the fake ultrasound videos look authentic.

What if the fake ultrasound is shared? is a reliable fake ultrasound video maker in the industry. We have been in business since 2012. We keep the content safe and protected from any unauthorized access. Also, we do not store client’s confidential information for any accidental loss.

How much do fake ultrasound videos cost?

The pricing of fake ultrasound videos are only $39.99. Keep checking the page for more products and offers.

How do you ship the videos?

We can deliver the video via email, DVD, or both. The choice is yours. We even offer free shipping!

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