Design Realistic Fake 3D Ultrasound Pictures and Sonograms –

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3D Fake Ultrasounds and 3D Fake Sonograms

Fake 3D Ultrasounds and Sonograms

At Fake A Baby, we offer personalized 3D fake ultrasound pictures to add a touch of creativity and fun to significant moments. 

Order your fake 3D pregnancy ultrasounds or sonograms today!

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Create Your Personalized Fake 3D Sonogram or Ultrasound provides multiple customizations to design your own fake 3D ultrasound and sonogram pictures

  • Version - Choose the type of fake sonogram you want. We have options starting from 1 week to 14-15 weeks with a single fetus, twins, or triplets. Quadruplets too!
  • Medical Professional Details - Include the clinic/hospital’s name, the physician or nurse’s name, or the date and time of the ultrasound. If you do not want to fill in these details, keep the space blank.
  • Patient’s Information - Fill in the patient’s name and number and we will add it to the sonogram to make it more authentic. 
  • Gender of the Fetus - Select the gender of the fetus.
  • Paper Size - Pick from various paper sizes to suit your display preferences and needs.
  • Security Hologram - Go a step ahead and add a serial number security hologram to your sonogram. Extra believable!
  • Same Day E-mail Delivery - If you wish, we can send your personalized sonogram directly to your email address. This option ensures you can get the fake sonogram for last-minute surprises and gigs. 

Our in-house graphic designers create the unique piece of art, making it look so believable. Our products are for fun, novelty and gag purposes only.  Start customizing with the fake 3D ultrasound maker now!

Why Order Fake 3D Ultrasound Pictures? 

Our 3D fake sonogram pictures are not just for fun, they also fuel extra creativity. Here are a few ways to use these customizable sonograms:

  • Play lightheaded pranks on your boyfriend, husband, or family.
  • Make your pregnancy announcements.
  • Unveil the baby’s gender to everyone. 
  • Present to expectant parents at baby showers or other celebrations.

The fake 3D sonogram maker shapes your crazy fun and entertainment ideas. So, what are you waiting for? Browse and place the order. We ship the order in discreet packages. 


Can I use these fake 3D ultrasound pictures for gender reveals or pregnancy announcements?

Absolutely yes! Most of our customers use these fake ultrasounds for creative gender reveal parties or pregnancy announcements. Share the exciting news with their family and friends.

How can I choose a 3D fake ultrasound or sonogram?

Choosing a fake ultrasound or sonogram is fun and easy. Select your preferred sonogram or ultrasound from your collection. Personalize it by adding certain details, such as the patient's name, the gender of the fetus, the date, and more. Choose the paper size and add it to the cart after carefully reviewing your customizations. And voila, you are done!

How quickly can I receive my 3D fake ultrasounds pictures?

If you've chosen email-only delivery, you are in for a quick turnaround. We can deliver it in a few minutes or hours. Usually the same day! Our hand-designed process ensures error-free products. In case, you order late, expect it by the next day.

How many copies are included with each order?

We make sure to send you at least 2 copies of your personalized fake sonogram. Your satisfaction is our priority and we want to ensure that you have backup copies.

Is it possible to customize the appearance of the baby on the fake sonogram?

Certainly! You have the creative freedom to make the baby different. Choose from options like an Alien baby, a baby with horns, or even a baby flipping you off. Feel free to add even a funny note in the comments section to add humor to the fake sonogram. We even have an option to MAKE WHATEVER YOU NEED!

How can I track my order?

If you've chosen Free Shipping with First Class Mail, please note that it does not provide any tracking details. You can expect to receive your order within ten days. However, if you don't receive the order within the stipulated time, reach out to us immediately. If you've opted for Express Mail or Priority Mail, our system will send you a tracking mail. You can easily track the status of your use using the details at This feature allows you to stay updated on your shipment's progress.