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$ 9.99 Venta de Navidad Todos los ultrasonidos falsos $ 9.99! ¡¡¡¡¡APURARSE!!!!!

Fake Pregnancy Belly
Fake Pregnancy Belly
Fake Pregnancy Belly

Soft Fake Pregnate Belly $ 9.99 Venta de disfraces embarazados

Precio habitual $34.95 $19.99 Oferta

Nuevo estilo actualizado !!

Venta $ 9.99 !!!

¡Ahora puedes cambiar el tamaño del vientre!

¡La nueva característica de cremallera le permite agregar o eliminar el relleno para cambiar la forma y el tamaño de su embarazo falso barriga!

Incluimos que los rellenos de Polyfil se pueden estirar drásticamente cuando rellenas tu nuevo vientre falso.

Nota: Cuando se llena el vientre, estire la llenadora con las manos.

Se vuelve extremadamente completo si extiendes toda la llenadora, o déjelo empaquetado para un look más pequeño.

A la venta ahora $ 9.99 !!!

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Vientre de embarazo falso

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(¡Estos son grandes vientres de Santa también!)

Vas a algún lugar en Turquía, Día y Navidad, ¿verdad?
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¡Recuerda, las personas abiertas puertas para mujeres embarazadas!

Asustar al Absoluto B-Jesús fuera de su
Novio / profesor / primo / cuñado
¡Con los estómagos del embarazo falso!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Looks like the photos

the price was really good the product was what I expected. The photos they show are how the higher priced bellies look.

Was better than expected.

I received the fake pregnancy stomach that came with a zipper to adjust the filler. Its far better than any others for sale!

The Troungster
Good product.

Shipping was fast. Item just as described. Would do business with this site again

Best Joke Ever

I wore this for Halloween to a party and it went over well. For those that knew me, they got a big kick out of it, for those that didn't they thought I was really pregnant. I had several people come up to me and tell me that they were concerned that I'd have the baby on the dance floor. LOL Some of my husbands friends were congratulating him and calling him crazy for having a baby at his age; he's 63. To make it even funnier I carried an envelope that said "Confidential Paternity Results" and inside I had a paper that said my husband is the father. We also took pictures of him kissing my belly, standing behind me while making the heart shaped hands on my belly; you know, pictures like that. I even wore it to my ballet class and stuffed it under my leotard. It was super funny; especially as I twirled around the room. The quality is great and the fact that you could make it any size you want was wonderful. This prop brought back many great memories for me because I loved, loved, loved being pregnant. GREAT BUY!