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Vientre de embarazo falso

Fake Pregnancy Bellies

Stage pranks that no one forgets with pregnancy bellies. Fakebaby.com creates belly props that mimic the natural curves of baby bumps. 

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What After You Fake a Pregnancy Test?  

Add a dramatic punch to your pregnancy pranks and spread laughter with fake bellies. Fakebaby.com engineers stuffed bellies that look so real that anyone can get fooled.

  • Realistic Silhouettes : Our fake bellies are made using silicone. They mimic the natural contours of 20-25 week pregnant women. They feel real. They move real.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Sport the stuffed pregnant belly for as long as you want. They are comfortable and durable for frequent use.
  • Durable: The bellies are stuffed with polyfill. They are soft, fluffy, and resilient against exhausting usage.
  • Capture the Moment: Create viral pranks with a big pregnant belly. Capture the reactions that will have everyone talking.
  • Multipurpose: Our bellies are commonly used for playing pranks, photo shoots, stage shows, and other entertaining gigs.

Turn your pregnancy pranks into memorable experiences for everyone.  

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Here's Why Realistic Pregnancy Bellies Are Stealing the Show! 

Because sometimes, the best moments are the ones we create with a touch of laughter! Fakebaby.com’s pregnancy bellies are showstoppers and can be widely used for various occasions. 

  • Pranks: Play the ultimate prank or stage a humorous situation.
  • Film and Theater Productions: Enhance the realism of film and theater productions. The lifelike appearance enhances the performance and leaves a lasting impression on the audience.
  • Photoshoots: Incorporate a pregnancy belly into maternity photoshoots or art projects. The genuineness adds depth and emotion to visual representations of pregnancy. 
  • Gender Reveals: Imagine entering with a fake pregnant belly for triplets in the gender reveal. The reactions would be worth capturing!  
  • Costume and Cosplay: Embody characters in their entirety by wearing fake pregnant belly costumes.

Shop for pregnancy bellies, boobs, and other fun products from Fakebaby.com. We can’t wait to hear from you. Share it with your reactions online.


What is the material of the pregnancy belly?

Fakebaby.com uses stretch fabric and silicone for making bellies for staging pregnancy. They are soft, fluffy, and resilient to retain shape for longer.

How can I fake a pregnancy test?

With Fakeababy.com, you can fake a pregnancy test by using a pregnant belly, pregnancy test papers, DNA tests, sonogram pictures, and ultrasound videos. We craft fake products with realistic details.

What’s the size of the fake pregnancy belly?

At Fakeababy.com, we fabricate fake bellies for 20-25 weeks, 30 weeks, and 32 to 36 weeks pregnant women. The realistic look of the belly can fool anyone. Do not forget to read reviews from some of our loyal customers.

Can you personalize a fake pregnancy belly for triplets?

Currently, Fakebaby.com supplies small to big pregnancy bellies. Please contact us and with your request. We will try to include your recommendation in our inventory.

How much does a fake belly cost?

Fakebaby.com sells fake bellies at different prices. It starts from $19.99 and up. Grab the best deal and get maximum savings.

Can you change the size of the belly?

Yes! Our fabric fake pregnancy belly has a zipper compartment, you can change the size of the stuffing! Available ONLY at FakeaBaby.com