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play tricks!

i scared the bejesus out of my sister.

Healthy little baby

video record my birth

best joke ever to play on

mg my godthis has got to be the best thing husband is gonna laugh at this untill his guts and stomach mucles are completely sore and when i tell him its a joke lol,he got me on my birthday day in may so its my turn and its awsome, thank you alot!!

Fabulous it would fool anyone.

I think does a excellent job.
even my daughter was fooled by it.

Looks real as can be.

Did an excellent job on writing and also look real and professional.

Really nice

shippig fast looks very real

My sister loved this gag!

The whole family kept teasing her afterwards. Too funny!!!!! Very realistic!

So far so good, havent used it yet, but looks believable

I haven't actually taken the test, saving it for tomorrow, april fool's day. test itself looks quite believable. packaging looks iffy. it has some weird paragraph printed on it (half of the words are missing so it looks sketchy) the paragraph basically sums up what a pregnancy test is and what it does. it also says you can get a test at the store for $15, which is weird to see on a pregnancy test package. no instructions or anything so lets hope the person you are trying to trick doesn't look for any. I'm giving it 5 stars because if all goes as planned this test should work just fine. I mean if he catches on that's fine, its april fool's day.. he's going to now something is up anyways. The picture is exactly what comes in the envelope. nothing more nothing less.

customer service



Hi :) from what I understand I ordered it with glossy paper like a regular sonogram picture would come and and came on a matte color but otherwise it's great thank you!

Great gag gift!

The test paper is be great!


This test is amazing!


Purchased this product for a surprise party joke ! Everyone thought it was real until they realized it was all fake & staged. Arrived in time for the party.

Shipped fast!

Great customer Sercive! Fake Ultrasounds Custom!

Loved it!

Best fake Ultrasound on the internet!

ysll are tha best

I would use yall servies all tha time

Fat belly pregnancy costume!

I sister is in a play and has to wear this for like 8 hours every day (different play times) and while the product is great, the stickiness kind of goes away after a while.

the baby in ultrasound looks amazin

I would recommend this product to any customer


It was just what ordered..

Got my product !

thank you its wonderful

Best prank ever

Will shop again...

worth it

totally worth the cost!