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Fake X-rays

The Wackiest Fake X-Ray

Goofing around once in a while is healthy; especially if you're gonna use it to get that much needed rest that your tired mind and body are looking for. With the thousands of tasks that we need to complete each day, getting emotionally burnt out and physically worn out are becoming a normal feeling. So after planning on taking a breather, you've applied for a leave at work, only to be informed by the last minute that it has been denied. Oh boy. Isn't it ironic that they'd expect you to show up at work the next day, all perked up and vivified?


If you want to be excused from work for a day, just for a day, without having to face an intense corrective action, then why not pull off a hilarious and crazy fake x-ray prank? It's possible! All you need is to utilize your acting abilities, gather your courage and have the guts to face the consequence afterwards. :D This works well if you're close and comfortable with your immediate superior. After your absence, show this fake x-ray to him and expect sympathy from him, as well as your colleagues from then on. You don't need to get tortured by their rude remarks for ruining your stats and metrics, and you won't get tormented by your boss reprimanding you again and again. With the fake x-ray, they might find it awkward to bring up the details of the "unfortunate thing" that has happened to you during your absence!

Don't forget to divulge the truth in a day or two! And be prepared for a slap on the wrist, but be ready as well to laugh for hours for sure. Memorable indeed!