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Faking pregnancy can be so much fun. helps you stage the prank with convincing essentials. 

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Are these fake positive pregnancy test results verified by a doctor?

No. fabricates fake DNA test papers for fun and entertainment purposes only. Please note that our fake pregnancy proof does not intend to hurt or harm anyone’s reputation. All products available at are obviously intended for Entertainment.

How early can I receive the order?

Most fake pregnancy test pranks are shipped the same day. We will share the tracking details once the order is packed and shipped from our warehouse.

How real does the fake pregnancy test look?

The realism of our fake pregnancy tests is second to none. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these tests resemble real pregnancy tests, including the test strip, result window, and accompanying packaging. Don’t take our word for it. Read the glorious reviews online. We also provide samples and designs on the website BEFORE YOU BUY THEM.

Can you personalize the prank pregnancy test?

No. This test is for staging positive pregnancy only and cannot be altered or personalized. However, we are more than happy to suggest more fake proof of pregnancy such as a letter from the doctor, sonogram pictures, and ultrasound videos.

Can you personalize the Fake DNA Tests?

Yes you can! We provide MATCH and NO MATCH DNA Results with the tests. You can prank anyone in your family, tell them they are not related to you or they ARE related to you!

How much do fake positive pregnancy test results cost?

The cost starts from $19.99 and up. Keep checking the space for online deals and new products. Please contact us by phone or email.