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Fake a Baby likes to keep up on what our friends are doing!

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We also like to use our social media accounts to let you know all about the new products that we are able to offer. Our Facebook page is open to all and the more the merrier. Our Facebook page can be found here: Fake a Baby


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Fake a Baby is also on Twitter so be sure to join us and get involved in the fun. Our Twitter page can be found here: Fake a Baby. Be sure to follow us so that we can keep you posted on all of the newest products and promotions.

Here at Fake a Baby we are happy to include our customers in the newest items available. We carry the best in gag jokes and we are always adding to our products. For those who do not want to miss out on the fun just follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Whenever there is a new announcement we will be sure to send it right along to you.


Joining our Facebook page and following us on Twitter will also allow you to get the sales first. Never again will you have to find out after the fact that there was a great sale going on and you missed it. offers the best in gag jokes at affordable prices. From fake positive pregnancy tests to silicone fake pregnancy bellies, we carry it all. Have questions? Feel free to contact us. Once your account is set up at we are always here to help. Remember, we carry the best gag gifts on earth! Pull a great gag joke? We want to hear about it!

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