Thanksgiving Sale!!! –


Thanksgiving Sale!!!

Thanksgiving Sale!!!

Enjoy Thanksgiving Day even more with the brilliant items from FakeABaby that are ON SALE!

Yes, you heard that right! Because we love you, we are holding a GRAND THANKSGIVING SALE

Choose from our wide array of gag gifts and novelty items that you can use to make your Thanksgiving extra!

Our gag gifts will help you make your Thanksgiving Prank more hilarious! Surprise your parents with a Thanksgiving Pregnancy Prank or a Thanksgiving Medical Condition Prank!

Or, boost your confidence this Thanksgiving with your new set of boobies or new butt! This is also a great way to prank your family and friends that you've just had a breast implant or butt implant. Wow! Pull off a Fake Boob Job Prank or  Fake Butt Implants Prank! Show your newer, bigger, and better boobies online, and give your Facebook or Instagram friends a shocking and mindboggling time!

Click HERE to marvel at our ON SALE items!


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