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A Fresh Prank to Try

Are you feeling oh so lonely and needed something to boost your self esteem or at least heighten the vibe around you? If you are then you could be one of the candidates who are set to empowering their dull days, sans the hassles, pressures and exorbitant costs!

Carry out your mischief in the classiest way with our remarkably effective prank items! With good planning, a dash of creativity, a dollop of artistry and the SECRET ITEM which will become the highlight in realizing your tasteful prank are all you need to transform your monotonous day into a moment filled with glee! You can truly say that your bad days are over as you will realize that you have the capacity to change it, and you can never be easily victimized by an unpleasant event - but you will try your best not to let it ruin your mood and outlook in life!

Pranks are fantastic especially if they are pulled off in an well-planned and organized manner. But the huge fun factor lies on its unpredictability. Although many gags are successful, some tomfooleries are actually ruined as the victims discover the prank itself. It's actually sad to pour all your time, energy and money into something that didn't work. What a fail! But the good news is that there are fresh pranks to try, without having to worry if your victims will find out that it was all a gagging setup. The items from Fake a Baby is effective. Why? Because these pranks are not common, so you are rest assured that the "incident" may be a new one for your victim. The items are also a usual part of our lives. Pregnancies, cosmetic surgeries like boob job, breast implants, and even controversial stories of the real biological parents, etc. are actually a staple on newspapers.

So if you are looking for an authentic-sounding way to pull off a joke, then prepare yourself in getting impressed by two of the best gag gifts offered by Fake a Baby!

1. Fake Ultrasound Prank


Tease your hubby or boyfriend that you are actually expecting. Some may look at it as a cruel joke, but hey, every prank is mean! As long as you plan to tell the truth afterwards, then this will surely become a very good, effectual and funny joke. If you and your hubby are postponing your pregnancy, giving him the fake ultrasound joke will leave him speechless. Are you waiting for your boyfriend to pop the question? Perhaps a fake ultrasound joke may nudge him, or better yet reveal his true colors - so you can be sure that you're not wasting your time with someone who's apparently not serious with you!

2. Fake Butt Implants Prank



Are you getting jealous of those celebs having their regular dose of surgeries? Feel as if you're one of them with the silicone butt pads by Fake a Baby! If you're a target for pancake ass teasing, punish them by showing them your new figure. Or prank your friends that you will be having a fake butt job soon, then let them notice it as you strut wearing the silicone butt pads underneath. Sky is the limit in thinking of the right setup for your next prank - the fake butt implants prank!

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