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Awesome Fake X-ray Ideas

Fake X-Rays. Yes, you can get them anywhere. There are free and paid apps for to generate them. You can even create one for yourself. But the big question lies on the quality of it and how realistic it would look. You may easily fool your gullible friends and victims, yet it's highly probable that your fake x-ray prank will end up on an epic fail with a cheap and nasty looking fake x-ray. Bear in mind that a prank should always seem true and real, so the items and your gagging set up should ultimately reflect these attributes to ensure a wondrously successful prank!

The Fake X-Ray from Fake a Baby guarantees a very convincing and realistic fake x-ray which is bound to trick your fake x-ray victims. Find out about the other ways where you could use the superb Fake X-Rays from Fake a Baby:

1. Missed a day at work? Avoid being reprimanded by your boss! Tell him about that bottle-up-your-ass incident and he will never have to ask you or remind you about that catastrophe or your absence. What a great way to move on! :D

2. Want to avoid attending that dreading meet-up or reunion? Tell them that you're indisposed and still recovering from a certain disaster. Are they nagging you as to what really happened? Show them a fake x-ray and they will never attempt to ask you again!

3. Want to be vindicated from all that bullying? Distribute a photocopy of the fake x-ray showing a bottle inside an ass with that bullying jerk or bitch's name on it. Spread the word that they had that accident in secret and let yourself be vindicated by their bullying activities towards you.

4. Want your wall to be totally edgy, making your guests chuckle every time they visit over? Just like those funny photos and quotes already hanging on your walls, why not have a funny fake x-ray get framed, and start transforming your dull wall into a wacky one?

5. The most outrageous gag gift! Give it to a friend as a birthday present and they will never forget you!

It's so easy to personalize a Fake X-Ray. Upon placing your order, indicate the bone that you want to be broken, provide the patient's name, the date the x-ray was taken, and a phony name for the doctor and hospital.

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