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5 Outrageous Ideas For Your FAKE 3d Ultrasound

Sometimes, being unusual and bold can be very liberating. Things like eye-catching fashion statements, bizarre styles, ostentatious designs, shocking trivia and even one-of-a-kind dishes often pique our interests. We always get hooked if there's something different and new.

In terms of pranks, it is indeed essential to be distinct, aiming to perform a trick that's fresh and unique. Imagine what will happen if you pull off a usual prank, a predictable one in a method which isn't thoroughly planned. All of your efforts, time and money will be wasted if your antic is prematurely discovered by your victim. What a fail!

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The fake 3D ultrasound from Fake a Baby is a favorite gag gift for bridal parties, and a super fresh and definitely effective prank item. It is created to provide a realistic ultrasound to suit your needs anytime, anywhere!

Know these 5 outrageous ideas as to where and when to use a fake 3D ultrasound:

1. Bachelorette and bridal parties - Show a fake 3D Triplets Ultrasound with the bride's name on it and surprise her with a prank that will make her party the best one ever!

2. Post a fake 3D ultrasound on your social media account and leave everyone guessing if you're really pregnant or not. This is a super effortless prank that's perfect for April Fool’s Day and any other holiday!

3. Want to take revenge towards a cheating boyfriend who jilted you? A fake 3D ultrasound will teach him a lesson. Break the news to him that you're pregnant and show him a fake 3D ultrasound with your details on it. Torture him for 1 week, and then divulge the truth that you were just joking, and that you are sooo ready to move on from a total jerk like him!

4. Add some spice to your marriage! If you and your hubby are getting super busy and got no time to chill, why not pull off a fake 3D ultrasound joke towards him to catch his attention? Or better yet, a fake 3D triplet’s ultrasound! This will let the two of you have a light moment and definitely a good laugh. Don't forget to go on a date or some bonding moment after!

5. If you or a friend is a transgender, a fake 3D ultrasound prank is a wonderful way to leave everyone's jaw dropping for the biggest surprise of their life! Tell them that you are pregnant and be controversial - then make their day!

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There are actually way more than five crazy ideas in enjoying the Fake a Baby fake 3D ultrasound. Share yours on Facebook and Twitter, or order HERE to discover a yet another outrageous way to be fascinated by this wondrous gag gift! 

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