This Will Be the Year of "Bachelorette Party Pranks" –


This Year Will Be the Year of Bachelorette Party Pranks

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A bachelorette party and bridal events are unbelievably fun! It is actually a great prelude - an appetizer, to the excitement and happiness brought about by the wedding itself. It also serves as a refreshing and re-energizing activity for both the bride and her bridesmaids, after all of the chaos and stress from the months and even years of wedding planning. Organizing a fun bachelorette party that will make the bride's last days of being single become so memorable, while allowing everyone to feel revived and to let loose are just the right thing to do.

There are so many ways and a plenitude of themes to pull off a bachelorette party. Depending on the bride's personality and interests, you and your fellow bridesmaids could come up with a motif that your soon-to-be-married friend will surely enjoy. From adult stuffs, kinky items, gag gifts, spa and massages, edible undies, adult cakes, and even hiring a male stripper, sky is really the limit when it comes to bachelorette party ideas!

This is also a perfect time to pull off a bachelorette party prank. If you are a bridesmaid, tell the bride that you and a fellow bride cannot attend to her wedding because the two of you are pregnant and needed to take a (scheduled!) rest. You can show the Fake a Baby Fake Pregnancy Test and see the mixture of her reactions! You may also use the Fake a Baby Fake X-Ray if you want to stun her that her fiancé has a bottle stuck up his ass! It's best that you make her fiancé an accomplice and even ask him to phone her that he's in the Emergency Room because of the "unfortunate incident". For a straightforward, and more laid back experience, simply wear your gigantic Fake a Baby Huge Silicone Boobies and dance the night away with a super revealing outfit.

Whether the bachelorette party is an extravagant event or a budgeted one, you can be sure that you will have an treasured, crazy and exhilarating moment with some creativity, especially with a bachelorette party prank using the incredible bachelorette party gag gifts and prank items from Fake a Baby!

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