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4th of July Pranks

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Celebrate Independence Day with your loved ones and friends in the most enjoyable manner! Allow Fake a Baby to add a dash of fun and a sprinkle of cheer and delight to your 4th of July celebrations with our exciting gag gifts and prank items that are guaranteed to make your July 4th pranks worthy to be remembered and cherished forever!

Spend this historic day with your family or buddies, over the yummy, traditional 4th of July delicacies, before all of you participate in the exciting 4th of July activities. Play a game. Have a barbecue picnic. Tell a story. Engage in a sport. Discuss your family history. Take pictures, and best of all, make it even more unforgettable with a hilarious 4th of July Prank!

Pranks add a sense of liveliness and optimism to a regular day, so if you plan to pull off a harmless, yet totally comical prank on 4th of July, or any holiday, you will be successful in playing hard this holiday, but being refreshed at the same time with these witty activities that will intensify the bond between you and your family- they'll love you even more!

Go pranking this 4th of July! Check out these funny 4th of July Pranks!

1. 4th of July Boob Job Prank

Tell your parents that you just had a boob job last weekend! Don't forget to capture their reactions on your camera smartphone. It's certain that the said video will still provide lots of laughter and chuckles even in the years to come!

2. 4th of July Fake X-Ray Prank

On Independence Day, pretend that you're really not feeling well. If you want to avoid doing errands then this is the prank for you! Then tell them that you just got your X-Ray result - an x-ray containing an image of a bottle stuck up on your anus! Be sure to do this prank after dinner!

3. 4th of July Pregnancy Document Prank

While you and your family are watching a good film or all of you are having a nice chat, try walking around the house with a book, with the Fake a Baby Fake Proof of Pregnancy Document inserted on it. The let it fall in front of them before you head upstairs. Have fun with the mixture of their reactions when you get back to the living room!

4. 4th of July Fake DNA Test Prank

Prank your child or kids! Want to bag the Coolest Parents Award? Tell your kids that they are adopted, that their Fake DNA tests just didn't match, and their true parents are actually celebrities! Pull this off and see for yourself how your kids will love the way you discipline them, while not forgetting to take it easy at times and be able to get a lighthearted moment once in a while!

5. 4th of July Fake Medicine Prank

Give your siblings a gift slash prank this 4th of July! Hand them a bottle of fake medicine, with a prescription for laziness, being a slacker, being vain, sarcastic, foul-mouthed, nagger, etc.

Order a Fake a Baby gag gift for your July 4th pranks and you'll realize that there's nothing quite like it in spending your holiday with your loved ones or friends, with heaps of LOL's and tons of LMAO's! 

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