Non-Surgical Boob Job –


Non-Surgical Boob Job

We are just so lucky to have the freedom to choose from a handful of options in terms of enhancing our bodies and the way we look. While some opt for cosmetic surgeries to achieve their dream body measurements, others veer away from going through the knife. If you are the type who do not want to go through a surgical procedure and definitely don't want to suffer the painful downtime, high costs and anxiety, the fake boobs from Fake a Baby is set to help you achieve your dream figure!

Our three types of fake boobs and pregnant boobs can be worn in so many occasions. For fashion purposes, our fake boobs and silicone bra inserts will give you a fuller look anytime, anywhere! Whatever type of style you're gonna wear - be it sporty, corporate, casual or formal, our fake boob products promise a better, voluptuous figure in any type of clothing that you are wearing! 


Many brides also choose our high quality Fake a Baby Fake Soft Touch Silicone Boobs! It fits perfectly with any wedding gown neckline and style, upgrading the look of any bride from pretty to alluring! For brides who are much bolder and lean forward to looking more provocative on their wedding day, the Huge Silicone Boobies are a topnotch choice!

Huge Silicone Boobies


Our fake boobs can also be worn on films and movies, theater productions, for photography, big breast costumes, cosplays and so much more! For a subtle oomph, the Fake Silicone Boobs is a perfect choice. Simply insert it to your bra and make your current chest size bigger in just a matter of minutes.

Fake Silicone Boobs

Thinking of what to give to your best friend, mom, sissy, cousin or anyone who are into making themselves uber sexy? Need a present for someone who needs some motivation to look and feel great? The Fake a Baby fake boobs will surely delight them on their very special day. Our silicone boob products could serve as an excellent gift!

The flesh like silicone of our fake boobs and fake pregnant boob products promises a genuine look and feel. Don't just pick a silicone boob anywhere, and then ending up looking all tacky! Choose the high quality fake boobs and fake pregnant boobs from Fake a Baby to start increasing your confidence and begin transforming your life positively! 

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