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Father's Day Pranks

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The daddies in our lives will always be special. Whatever type of a father they are, they have been totally amazing and always got our back at some point in our lives. So why not treat them to an unforgettable escapade that they will remember forever? Most dads are simple and often take delight in the effortlessly laid-back things in life. They will recall and value an experience more than a material thing – a watch, mug, tie or hanky, no matter how expensive it is, which they received several years ago. If you have a present for your dad, it's definitely a great idea to give him the most shocking and hilarious time of his life - a very special and totally wacky Father's Day prank!

These Father's Day Prank will surely make this year's Father's Day totally unforgettable!


1. Fake Pregnancy Test Prank

This prank is great for moms and daughters. What would Daddy react if your just-had-her-18th-birthday daughter who's allegedly single since birth and never dated anyone announced her pregnancy with a fake pregnancy test? For moms who have already given birth to 4 or 5 kids, let's see your hubby's reaction when you pull off a fake pregnancy test joke towards them , LOL!

2. Fake Ultrasound Prank

Is granny or auntie coming over? Well have them as your accomplice! Tell them to muster all of their acting abilities and pretend that they're carrying a baby, while showing him a realistic fake ultrasound from Fake a Baby! This will either gladden him or totally confuse him!

3. Fake Sonogram Video Prank

For an extra fun prank, a fake sonogram video prank will stun your dad, husband or the father in your life that you are intending to prank with! It would be hard for them to even think that it's just a prank with the so called, well-defined image of the "fetus" on that vid!

4. Fake Beer Belly Prank / Fake Pregnancy Belly Prank

This is perfect for sons and daughters! Visiting your daddy? Wear a fake beer belly and shock your dad that you have been beer binge drinking all along. For daughters, stun your dad with a fake preggy belly and see his reaction change from delight to perhaps anger, LOL!

5. Fake Boob Job Prank

A great treat to give to your hubby! Wear a pair of the Fake a Baby silicone huge boobies or the Fake a Baby silicone bra inserts and surprise him that you've used your savings or maxed out your credit card for a breast augmentation procedure. This will be outrageous!

Enjoy a Father's Day prank this Father’s Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the daddies out there from Fake a Baby! :D

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