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Different Fake Pregnancy Bellies

Guys, you don't have to wait for Christmas to play Santa Claus! With Fake a Baby's fake pregnancy belly, you can play Santa Claus or pull off a beer-belly prank all year round - whenever and wherever you feel the itch to prank your family, girlfriend or buddies! Ladies, listen up! Accomplish a fake pregnancy prank successfully without having to create an intricate fake pregnancy prank. All you need is to exhaust your acting abilities with the help of a massively genuine-looking pregnancy belly!

You can choose between a second trimester pregnancy prank or a third trimester pregnancy prank by choosing the ideal fake pregnancy belly size for your gagging plan. Here are the different fake pregnancy bellies that are made with special, flesh like silicone that you can choose from.

1. Fabric Fake Pregnancy Belly 38 Weeks Stage Be Pregnant Costume

One of our 2 different types of 3rd trimester fake pregnancy belly, this fake pregnancy belly is very realistic!

2. Silicon Fake Pregnancy Belly - 20 To 25 Week Stage

The smallest fake pregnancy that we offer, this 2nd trimester fake pregnancy belly has an adhesive backing to allow the fake belly to move with your body.

3. Silicon Fake Pregnancy Belly - 32 To 36 Week Stage

This 3rd trimester fake pregnancy belly that moves and feels real has an adjustable neck and waist straps to fit any body size.

4. Silicon Fake Pregnancy Belly - Twins

Our biggest silicone fake pregnancy belly, this is the most convincing fake pregnancy belly for a twin pregnancy joke.

5. Fake Santa Stomachs

For those who want to spread cheer and fun by portraying Santa Claus' role for a day, this fake santa stomach is definitely a winner!

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