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Up the Fun Factor With a Fake Twins Ultrasound

Pulling off a fake ultrasound prank is sooo much fun! Start visualizing your victim's reaction and you may already giggle with delight! When you're about to internalize how you would apply your acting skills, are you starting to chuckle? Your boyfriend (or ex-boyfriend), hubby, mom, sissy, granny or aunt will have an assortment of reactions for sure when you break the news that you're pregnant. But what would possibly be the kind of expression that they'd give when you tell them that you're gonna have twins? Pretending that everything's real for a few minutes. Imagine the hilarity that would come off from this crazy and jolly antic after divulging the truth - that you're actually not preggers and that everything was just a prank that's set to make everyone laugh heartily! Only the high-quality fake twins ultrasounds from Fake a Baby can provide you with an absolutely genuine looking joke for sure!

A fake ultrasound joke is shockingly amusing, what more if you are to give them a much more intense and wild prank? A fake 2-week twins ultrasound prank! That's right, a fake ultrasound is uber funny already, and if you opt to have a fake twin ultrasound, you're increasing the entertainment factor and upping the excitement! That's twice the fun, and doubling up the hilarity!

You can certainly make your fake twins ultrasound absolutely your own. Indicate your preferred stage of pregnancy, provide a false doctor's name and medical facility name, as well as your babies' gender. You also have the option to place a funny comment. It's printed on a paper that's very identical to the real one - your victim won't know that everything's a joke, and that they're in for something special, memorable and super fun!