Get a Twins or Triplets Fake Ultrasound! –


Get a Twins or Triplets Fake Ultrasound!

So you have fantasized of being pregnant, have wondered how it feels like to have a big pregnant belly by wearing a fake baby bump or have thought about how you'd feel reading your name and the 'details' of your baby on a pregnancy report. Now that you've realized how easy it is to live in the moment, to experience what it feels like to be pregnant, to witness how a fake pregnancy test yields a false positive when you pee on it and how effortless having pregnancy boobies anytime ,you may perhaps ask yourself this question: "What's next?"

So, after exploring the exciting items from FakeABaby, after trying the silicone boobies and silicone butt shapewears in not only achieving a pregnant look — whether for pranks, films, shows or any other entertainment purposes— what's next?

Well, it's about time to take it to the next level! Since your fantasy of 'getting pregnant' but not really 'getting impregnated' has been fulfilled, make your next prank crazier, more interesting and definitely more fascinating. Get a fake 2D ultrasound or a fake 3D ultrasound which shows your 'twins' or 'triplets'!

If you've experienced the fun and hilarity when you announced your fake pregnancy with a fake pregnancy test kit or a fake pregnancy belly, now is the time to level up and pull off a fake ultrasound prank. And don't just pick a regular fake ultrasound; make sure that you hold a fake triplets pregnancy prank or a fake twins pregnancy prank in the real-est, most genuine way, with the help of the leading provider of authentic-looking fake ultrasounds… FakeABaby!


Bring shock and disbelief among your family by showing them a 2nd trimester triplets fake ultrasound… with your small abdomen! Prank your friends or colleagues and excitedly share the news that you're carrying triplets and you're in 3rd tri — with your flat belly! Pull off a prank online towards your social media friends and followers by announcing a fake pregnancy on April Fool's Day, with a realistic fake triplets ultrasound as you parade with a bikini, LOL!

Go ahead! Be 'preggy' with twins or triplets yet still have a flat tummy! Leave them confused, puzzled and baffled as how you made it happen. Get your triplets fake ultrasound at FakeABaby NOW! 

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