Great Fake DNA Test Kits and Tips –


Great Fake DNA Test Kits and Tips


Whether you intend to hold a well-planned prank or a simple gag, you can surely be successful in stirring up fun and hilarity with a fake DNA test prank!

A fake DNA test prank is a very promising gag these days as pranks that involve medical and laboratory tests are not so common. Plus, going to a healthcare facility and getting checked is quite a regular thing and when you tell your friend that you just recently went to a hospital or a clinic, they won’t think anything unusual about it! So, make the most of their innocence by pulling off a fake DNA test prank that reveals a result that is so shocking and so mind-boggling, they will be put in an electrifying moment processing and digesting the news that you have just disclosed!

Imagine being able to do something that's weird, out of the ordinary and ultimately crazy; without getting hurt or harming others! Yes, a fake DNA test prank can be considered as one of the most enjoyable pranks that you could do...that's safe, hilarious and fun!

FakeABaby offers different types and styles of fake DNA test kits: all of which look very realistic and professional! Tell your sibling that your parents just found him in a forest and that he is not your biological sibling by showing the 'Mis-match' result from the fake DNA test kit. Prank your mom and dad by getting all serious and confused by showing them a mis-match fake DNA test report that indicates that you are not their biological child. Goof around and tell your hubby or baby daddy that your darling son or daughter is from a different father (or the other way around). Prank a family member, a friend or a relative online by sending them a very realistic fake DNA test report and enjoy their reaction! Got a crush on a huge celeb? Make your fantasy come true by pranking your friends with a 'Match' DNA test report between your child and your crush, LOL! Make him your husband or baby daddy, even just for a joke!

Be creative and pull off a funny prank successfully with the FakeABaby Fake DNA Test prank! Sky is the limit for awesome prank ideas and surprises where you could incorporate a fake DNA test joke. You can plan this perfectly as the highlight of your gag or you can inject humor to your party or celebration by combining mischief and a bit of wickedness to the occasion, making your event absolutely memorable and fun!

Go ahead and check out our Personalized Fake DNA Tests and start planning for that crazy fake DNA test prank!


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