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Controversial Fake DNA Test Pranks


Sometimes, we need to loosen up and reveal our crazy side to bring out the best of us. To keep yourself inspired, there are those moments that you just needed to add some flavor to your regular day or inject some color to a dreary workday. If you have a problem that you cannot do anything about but allow it to pass, keep your sanity intact by having a good laugh! Look at the brighter side of things and do everything and anything to keep yourself happy and motivated. Say no to loneliness and boredom and say yes to laughter and fun!

There are plenty of funny ideas to choose from when it comes to planning for an excellent prank for your fam and pals. In choosing a good antic, be very careful to choose something that's fresh, effective, and absolutely convincing. You should try a Fake DNA Test that will turn your prank victim’s world upside down!

The Personalized Fake DNA Test Kits brought to you by FakeABaby ensures that y'all are gonna have a good time goofing around. Our Fake DNA test kits with fake dna test results includes a 'match' or a 'mismatch' certificate and other laboratory-related items such as cotton swabs and test tubes. This is perfect for birthday or anniversary pranks where you can joke a family member or a relative into thinking that you are adopted or they are adopted. Tell your sibling that he has been found underneath the bushes several years ago and that his parents are the town's most annoying couple. Prank your spouse that your child isn't his or her's and witness the multitude of his or her reaction. Or better yet; prank your friends that you and a famous celebrity, politician or public figure is your baby daddy.... for fun! Remember, the crazier and the more controversial it is, the better!

It is very easy to personalize your Fake DNA Test to match the situation that you are in. Just provide the name of the person to be tested and the name of the second person. You can also add a security hologram to make the certificates look real-er and definitely more legit. Indeed, another exciting part is the personalization!

FakeABaby offers four types of Fake DNA Tests. The Fake DNA Test Laboratory Style definitely looks the ones generated from real laboratories. The Instant Fake DNA Test includes gloves and strips, for that authentic pranking experience. The Personalized Fake DNA Test is perfect for that classic DNA test gags that is very convincing. The New Style Personalized Fake DNA Test has a different look but also includes test tubes and certificates.

So, if you are looking for a prank toy for fake dna test results that can surely 'deliver' that humor, fun and laughter that you need, you can depend on FakeABaby!

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