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Sexy and Cheeky Pranks


Feeling like you wanna to pull off a funny gag that involves so much excitement, thrill and sexiness? Well, there are certainly thousands of ideas waiting to be done… but are you willing to put so much of your time, money and effort into it? Let's face it; most of us are too busy to spend so many hours, especially the fun-loving but busy professionals, full time moms, entrepreneurs or homemakers who just don't have the luxury of time constructing a big prank. Some who do have plenty of time for such a funny activity choose not to — they are wise enough to craft something simple and sweet so they can use their free time for some other activities. Smart time management, indeed! While we definitely adore and celebrate the intricate pranks, most women would love to keep it simple and opt for an effortless prank that is funny, delightful and totally convincing!

For a sexy and ultimately cheeky prank, you can't go wrong with a fake boobs prank! A fake boobs prank can be marvelously and successfully achieved by wearing a pair of the FakeABaby Silicone Huge Boobies! With our fake silicone boobs and silicone bra inserts, you will have an extraordinarily 'real moment’ portraying that ‘just-got-a-boob-implant' character... effectively!

Made of medical grade silicone, you are guaranteed of the best and most genuine experience ever! Feel like you have just recently got a new set of boobs and you will be surprised that it's as if you don't really need to pretend because the silicone products from FakeABaby will give you the most authentic experience, ever!

Trick your hubby or bf into thinking that you have a great surprise for you, that you have just gotten a pair of new boobs! Prank your sissy that you finally went under the knife and that you are now much more proud of your new set of girls.

Lovely, right? Go ahead and pull off the biggest fake boobs prank!

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