Cruel and Classy Fake Pregnancy Pranks –


Cruel and Classy Fake Pregnancy Pranks


Pranking has never been this fun! That's why FakeABaby exists to give you the freshest and most one-of-a-kind prank ideas that you'll fall in love with and just what you need!

In pulling off a prank, it's a bit difficult to maintain your class and poise. You'll end up looking cheap and tacky if you miss choosing that ideal prank for you perfectly. But with the gag gifts and prank items from FakeABaby, you can never go wrong!

For prank toys that exude with class yet overflows with so much hilarity and crazy factor, the fake ultrasounds and fake sonogram videos are splendorous! So effortless yet so convincing, the quality of our fake ultrasounds will help you achieve the fake pregnancy prank or fake ultrasound prank that you have in mind! The intricate and super tedious process of planning for a big joke is not necessary. The fake ultrasounds and fake sonogram videos offered by FakeABaby are already enough so you could accomplish a prank that is compelling and interesting, all at the same time!



Check out our Fake Ultrasounds HERE.

Get the FakeABaby Fake Sonogram Videos HERE.


Let your prank victims feel your cruelty and sense of humor with a fake pregnancy test. If you want to feel an interactive kind of prank then this is perfect! Engage your prank victims in a magical time seeing the 'positive' result on their pregnancy test kit after testing their pee. You will be surprised that even a male can produce a positive fake pregnancy test result, haha!


For a more attention-grabbing prank, our pregnant silicone boobs, silicone shapewear, and silicone pregnancy belly is all you need! Prank your relatives when they come over while wearing the FakeABaby fake pregnancy belly. Joke around in your neighborhood or on social media that you've just got a boob job with the FakeABaby fake boobs! Or, greet your parents, siblings or best friend at the airport with a pregnancy belly and be mesmerized on the way they react on your pregnant look. Now you know how a surprise pregnancy can leave a mindboggling and puzzling experience to your prank victims!


For non-pranking ideas, our silicone boobs are marvelous. Need an instant oomph? Get the cleavage that you've been dreaming of with the silicone soft touch boobs. And if you want to sport that Cardi B or Kardashian curves, then go for our huge silicone boobs and silicone butt pads!

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