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ALL NEW PRODUCTS!   Instant Fake DNA Test Two test strips are included in this test. This test is for proving you or anyone is a genetic match to someone else. Both test strips turn blue, showing the two people being tested are a match for...
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Personalized Fake Medical Test

Custom Fake Medical Test Are the best gag gifts for Birthday Parties!   How does this work? Type in the name of the test (like Home Homosexuality Test, Stupid Test, whatever), and also a line below the name which describes the test. Make up...
Quick View April Fools! Personalized Fake DNA Test YOU ARE THE FATHER!

April Fools! Personalized Fake DNA Test YOU ARE THE FATHER!

$24.95 On Sale
Personalized Fake DNA Test This is the best Gag for use during Birthday Parties!!!   You ARE the Father! You ARE NOT the Father!  Sound familiar?    With this fake DNA kit you can: Pretend the mailman is the father of your...
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Personalized Fake Prescription - NO REAL DRUG NAMES

Fake "Drug" Prescriptions Personalized, of course... Did your significant other take their STUPID PILL Today? A big, beefy bottle of big, beefy pills.......to treat the most persistent of social afflictions... Send a "gentle" message to an...
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