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Fake Pregnancy test
Fake Pregnancy test

Classic Laboratory Fake Pregnancy Test

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Our Classic Style Fake Pregnancy Test

Fake Pregnancy Tests are the best gags for Bachelor, Bachelorette parties, Birthday Parties and even Christmas Gags!

Wanna have fun with your friends this weekend?

Oh, behave!

We're not talking trashy and mischievous. Well maybe a little!

Bond with your BFF in an obnoxious laugh-out while pranking with a fake pregnancy test prank using the "Classic Style Fake Pregnancy Test" from Fake a Baby!

Our much-loved, all-time favorite Classic Style Fake Pregnancy Test is a #1 favorite of adventurous, fun-loving women who want to put their moms, siblings, friends or significant others in the spotlight. Prank your mom or sister that you're expecting - after they've given you an expensive 18th birthday party! Show it to your boyfriend and see a "mix" of reactions - will he cry with joy or with sob in frustration? LOL!

Remember to keep it harmless - after a few minutes dont 'forget" to tell him the truth. He'll Love you just the same if he is REALLY for keeps. You'll finally know if he's "the one".

Send your granny a photo of the false positive from this Classic Style Fake Pregnancy Test - and tell her that your 65-year old aunt is pregnant. Then sit back and reap the entertainment rewards.

Regardless, you're in for an amazingly funny prank, in a classy and effortless way with this sweet gag gift!

The Classic Style Fake Pregnancy Test also adds a hilarious element to bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, stag parties, as well as on Halloween and Christmas events. Incorporate it to your party's program, for a prank, games or....."something".

If you want a fake pregnancy test that looks like the old school, traditional versions, then this is the perfect one for you!

What the heck's in the test kit, anyhow?

Each kit contains all the goodies you need to utterly convince your mark the test they're taking is legitimate. Contents include sterile pads to wipe your pee-pee, complete instructions, some medical gibberish that will totally confuse your victim, a little urine collection vial, the test strips themselves, etc. etc..

Each kit contains supplies for two complete tests---your victim can take the test twice to be twice as convinced of their affliction, or you can share it with a friend.

If your victim can pee in a cup, they can do this.

Every test will yield a false positive.

The color-matching scale is graduated from yellow to green to dark blue. Unless you're an alien, every subject's natural urine will move the marker past green, which is a positive result in and of itself, and right on to dark blue, which is the "WARNING ZONE" indicating such a strong positive that other anomalies may also be present. When the subject's pee turns the marker dark blue, the instructions advise to freeze the specimen in the freezer (a freezer-acceptable container is provided), then consult a doctor ASAP for further testing. It's up to you to stop them before they make a rush appointment, then spend $75 at the doctor. Or not. Either way, you'll laugh yourself into a gut-ache, watching them jump through the hoops.

If you like a gag with class, this is for you.

You get one test with each order.

This test is for fake pregnancy only, as shown, and cannot be altered or personalized.



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Customer Reviews

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My sister loved this gag!

The whole family kept teasing her afterwards. Too funny!!!!! Very realistic!

True Fake Pregnancy test!

I purchased the fake pregnancy test and it was amazong!