Fun Fake Pregnant Belly Prank Ideas –


Fun Fake Pregnant Belly Prank Ideas

Looking for a splendid fake pregnant belly that looks very realistic but can be worn easily and is also easy on the pocket? FakeABaby.Com is here to help you have a fake pregnant belly that looks and feels real, there's a possibility that you may tend to forget that you're actually wearing a 'fake' one!

Our incredible collection of real-looking fake pregnant bellies is one of our hottest and most-raved products. Our customers love our fake pregnancy bellies because they are able to achieve that pregnant look so perfectly yet to easily! You can also choose between a Fabric Fake Pregnancy Belly or a Silicone Fake Pregnant Belly. And the best part of it? You can select a size that corresponds to your so-called 'stage of pregnancy’. You do not need to restrict yourself in a single fake pregnant belly size. Enjoy a fake pregnant belly size for the 1st, 2nd or 3rd trimester and achieve a truly 'genuine' experience with your growing fake baby bump too. So brilliant!

Wear a fake belly costume in the most straightforward way! Get the FakeABaby Fabric Fake Pregnant Belly and see how realistic it looks in whatever clothes you're in; sans the heaviness! You can easily move and can be on the go wearing this marvelous Fabric Fake Pregnant Belly that absolutely looks real!

This Fabric Fake Pregnant Belly is also used for Santa Claus costumes, beer belly prank and other film production needs where they require a pregnant character or perhaps an alcoholic character that has a huge beer belly!

For a more authentic experience wearing a fake belly costume, the FakeABaby Silicone Fake Pregnancy Belly is an excellent choice! You can really internalize the feeling of heaviness and being pregnant with the Silicone Fake Belly. Have a super moment wearing an incredibly realistic fake belly, all while gettingimpressed and enjoying its genuine look!

Another exciting part of the fake pregnant belly-choosing process is finding the best color for you. Choose between Nude and Mocha for your fake pregnant belly and make the overall look of your pregnant look a huge success!

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