Top Non-Pregnancy Prank Items to Enjoy This Summer –


Top Non-Pregnancy Prank Items to Enjoy This Summer

Only a month away and summer is almost over! Worried that you would start feeling blue soon? Don't let those feelings make you feel oh so down. Make the cliche "Create your own happiness." actually happen. Start planning on how to end your summer with a bang! Pull off a hilarious prank with one (or two or more!) of the diverse gag products offered by Fake a Baby and you would be on your way to a summer worth remembering!

Upon hearing the name Fake a Baby, it's just right to say that it has always been associated with outstanding pranking products that showcase fake pregnancy stuff. But Fake a Baby is grateful to be gaining its popularity for becoming the go-to place, even for non-pregnancy prank related items that promise a pranking victory. Boys and girls, young and old, can freely achieve a funny prank in the most hassle-free way and affordable way!

Check out these Top 3 Gag Gifts that are sure to make your victim's day unforgettable, and transforming a dull day of those who are involved into a cherish-worthy time!

1. Fake DNA Test

Is your sister really your sister? Do you want to brag that Sean Connery is your real daddy? Love the idea on getting even with that person who's been bullying you? Well it's about time to have a fake DNA test help you vindicate yourself - or to just enjoy a dreary day!

2. Fake Prescriptions

Annoyed, lovin' or hatin' someone? It doesn't matter, this personalized fake prescription is sure to punish that irritating person, help you express what you really feel towards that offending colleague or allow you to express how you "adore" your victim, LOL! Whether it's a pill for stupidity, homosexuality or being a real slacker, you can absolutely have your bottle of fake prescriptions your way.

3. Fake Santa Belly

Grannies, daddies, and those Santa wanna-be's, wear this fabric fake Santa Claus Belly Costume for Christmas, or in any event, and you're ensured to provide a gleeful moment to everyone! Easily change the size and shape of your fake Santa belly to comfortably play the role in the most exciting manner!

Grab one of these as these items for your hilarious prank. ON SALE NOW!

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