Statement and Interview Requests for


Statement and Interview Requests for

To Whom It May Concern:

Due to the large amount of interview and statement requests, we are taking appointments and providing this statement.

FakeaBaby like many other companies, make products for an intended use, its a shame when consumers misuse any product. Business owners are plagued with issues such as these. We show the intended and proper use for products we sell. Such as, gags for family and friends, costumes for plays and tv productions, etc. For example, if a TV show needs a pregnant lady and an ultrasound for their production, what are they supposed to do? They call us. However, there will always be individuals who choose to look for a shortcut in life and misuse a product for financial or other gain. For example: Halloween masks are great fun and are one of Americas favorite past time toys. But they are misused quite commonly for illegal activities such as robberies. Do we blame the companies who produce them? Of course not. The problem lies inside the mind and heart of the individual who makes a choice to misuse the product. If we see that our product had been misused we will gladly work with law enforcement or other agencies to help bring the perpetrator to justice. Have fun with a whoopie cushion, a halloween mask, a fake newspaper, exploding cigarettes, fart bombs, your framed Doctorate of Gynecology, rubber checks, the photo-shopped picture of you hugging president Obama, the gag stick of fake dynamite, and the list goes on forever. But if you use your Halloween mask to rob a 7-11 or your fake dynamite to hijack a plane or your picture of Obama to gain credibility in a business setting -- it's all bad or immoral or illegal and it will cause you and others trouble. Please try to grasp the concept. Fun is fun. Lets keep it that way, we do.


Casey Jones


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