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Fake Medicine Prank

Brace yourselves for one of the craziest and wittiest, but definitely the most effortless prank to pull off on Earth - the fake medicine prank! The fake medicine prank allows you to express your creativity and drama skills, without having to go through an intense preparation and extreme practice. Just make sure that you have a legitimate-looking bottle of fake medicines from Fake a Baby, alongside the personalized information indicated on it to really convince your victim that you or your accomplice is suffering from an ailment that would leave their jaws dropping after you disclose it!

If you have a very "playful" buddy, who's always in for some good time with multiple women, sending him a bottle of fake medicines for STD will somehow make him rethink his ways. If your sissy's a hard core slacker, you may want to place a bottle of fake medicines for laziness in her bedroom! If your friend is known for her foul-mouthed nature, then the fake medicines for Foul Mouth Syndrome may perhaps be a great way for her to realize that it's about time to limit it! 

After creating a very simple pranking plan for your fake medicine prank, you can order a bottle of the fake medicine pills while doing the most hilarious part of it - personalization! Indicate the patient's name, the fake name of the medicine, the doctor's name, date of the prescription, address, recommended dosage and what specific fake illness or disease it's for. Be it for STD, stupidity, crankiness or impotence, Fake a Baby will ensure that you'd be able to achieve that perfect fake medicine prank in mind!