Tell Everyone That You're Preggers! –


Tell Everyone That You're Preggers!

Make the most exciting announcement of your life! Yes, you can certainly do so - even if it's a joke! Pranking is good for the body and soul, not only for you, but for all the people involved! A fake pregnancy prank is a classy and super comical way to pull off a joke towards your family, friends and colleagues. Using a fake pregnancy test strip joke or a fake ultrasound gag is one of the well-loved ways of accomplishing a fake pregnancy prank, but if you want a newer and fresher spoof, then might as well try a fake birth announcement antic using a Personalized Fake Newspaper Birth Announcement only from fake a Baby!



Wanna get more presents? Wanna see the flabbergasted reactions of your fam? Wanna find out if your colleagues are genuinely happy (or envious!) for your fake pregnancy leading to that exciting birth announcement? Or you want to see the multitude of emotions expressed by your buddies? Whatever comeback they give you, it's a guarantee that everyone will have a marvelously funny time before, during and after this fake newspaper birth announcement prank!





The hilarious, fake news about your birth announcement will be printed on real newsprint, and you would get 5 copies of it. The edges of the newspaper are cut or torn, the same way as you remove it from a full size newspaper- so authentic looking! Choose between two styles that you prefer. With this fake newspaper announcement, you're assured of an extremely convincing and a 101% successful fake pregnancy prank!

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