Bluff Them Good With a Fake Pregnancy Document –


Bluff Them Good With a Fake Pregnancy Document

Bluff ‘em real good!

If you're leaning towards the prank of a lifetime, why not give it your all? Why not do everything and anything to make sure that it'll turn out to be a massively successful one? Giving it your best shot doesn't always mean spending too much and putting a great deal of effort. With a hugely funny fake pregnancy prank, you're in for a surefire way of pulling it off fruitfully. With a wide range of gag gifts such as a fake pregnancy document from Fake a Baby, you're certain that with a few dollars and little sweat, a cherish-worthy joke is in the bag!

Fake pregnancy test strips and false positive pregnancy tests are becoming more and more popular. Thanks to those women who are classy and cool enough to hold an amusing joke towards their hubbies, boyfriends and pals. But if you want your gag to be extra real, to be more convincing, and be guaranteed of an accomplished prank, why not use a fake pregnancy document to complement your fake pregnancy gag gifts? Your pranking victim won't even think twice about doubting your so called act when a fake pregnancy test strip, a fake ultrasound and a fake pregnancy document are combined to prove its accuracy.

In ordering a fake pregnancy document, you may indicate the patient's name, fake infos like the pregnancy test date, pregnancy term, a fake doctor's name, and some other phony details. And with an embossed seal and a "lab certified" sticker, your fake pregnancy document looks more credible!

You'd get two copies to double the fun! Most fake pregnancy orders ship within the same day! Place your fake pregnancy document order now! 

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